The Michael Elliott Trust, known as the Actors’ Donkey Sanctuary, became one of the most successful animal theatre charities and children’s centres in this country. 

The original idea was to provide a home for these gentle animals so they could enhance the lives of children with special needs. With finncial support from its patrons and supporters from the well-known ranks of the UK entertainment industry, the trust built the barns for the donkeys’ rehabilitation and the farmhouse for the children’s therapeutic stays.

Author John Stirling, who ran the sanctuary for over twenty-five years with his wife Annie, was a former child actor, director and producer in both theatre and television throughout his long and distinguished career. He worked on many of the nation’s favourite shows and programmes with household names from screen and stage, winning awards along the way.

The Really Useful Donkey Company tells the stories of the amazing donkeys who were saved and then lived at the sanctuary. Each chapter describes how the donkeys made their way to the sanctuary, often saved from perilous circumstances, then became the focal point for the sanctuary’s visitors.

In many cases, the donkeys developed touching relationships with disabled children from many organisations in the Peak District and beyond. The donkeys became major contributors to the children’s lives often helping to bring about major changes in the children’s behaviour, confidence and self-esteem.

The book is a touching and often moving record of the sanctuary and its work, now continued by the Flicka Foundation in Cornwall, made possible by the amazing donkeys themselves and what they achieved with their young, disabled friends.

Calendar Boy is a collection of amusing, interesting and emotional stories about the writer’s travels around branches of the UK Women’s Institute, while delivering a talk about his life.

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The third in the Little Jack series:

A true story:

Being rescued was only the beginning of Little Jack’s adventures.

Imagine a home with the pitter-patter of scampering and stampeding paws during fun-filled, rambunctious, frolics.

Imagine a home where the felines rule! 

How will Little Jack, a blind rescue cat, respond to the new invaders that are about to be introduced within an already colossal brood of feline friends?

Will there be anarchy among individuals? Or will special friendships develop? 

‘Little Jack and the Ginger Invaders’, the third in a collection of stories about Little Jack, is told from both Little Jack’s and Tiny Tim’s perspectives.

A true account, it tells of Little Jack’s fascinating journey and unfolds the truth as to why Little Jack is just so special.

This is a story full of love, challenge and loss and it encompasses just how much this once unwanted, abandoned and unloved cat has touched the hearts of so many.

An emotive read this is, brimming with hilarity and at times, profound sorrow.

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This true, moving and humorous story, the sequel to best-selling ‘The Life of Little Jack’, provides an insight into the life of a remarkable blind rescue-cat.

Little Jack’s fate changed suddenly when a small rescue charity accepted him as a small kitten. Through the support of this charity, Jack found his ‘forever home’. This book, spoken through the voice of Little Jack, encapsulates his personality and those of his furry peers; it explores feline integration with emotive candour, hilarity and sadness alike.

With much feline, predatory frolic, will Little Jack cope amongst a furry brood of superlative specimens?

Within his short life, Jack has already been subject to many a challenge…is he resilient enough to overcome these?

This remarkable little cat has already touched many a heart. What exactly is so special about Little Jack and his furry family?

 Read on to discover more about Little Jack’s extra-sensory perception. Experience his trials and tribulations, laugh and cry at his fun-filled frolics as he overcomes barriers he encounters.

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The Life of Little Jack. This true and moving story provides an insight into how Little Jack was found as a desperate kitten on the streets of Manchester, requiring emergency surgery to his eye.

Alone and abandoned, his fate suddenly changed once he was accepted by a small Rescue Charity.  However, concern for Little Jack’s vision was growing. Would he regain full sight or would he be destined to a life of darkness?

What unfolds is Little Jack’s journey to recovery following the loss of his eye and his integration into his new home with twelve other furry friends. Cats are notoriously territorial; would they accept or reject Little Jack being in their midst?

Little Jack has already stolen the hearts of hundreds in his tiny life. Read on to discover what exactly is so special about this amazing little kitten.

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