Exotic? Exshmotic?

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Author: Bill East

I’m an Australian citizen, I live in Australia, my family lives here, I pay taxes here and I write about what I’m familiar with, geographically.

So my stories are set in Australia. They have Australian locations and they’re mainly around the Sydney area. It’s where I live.

It’s been suggested to me that in using Australian suburbs, street names and other geographical locations I’m alienating a lot of ‘international' readers, who may not be familiar with these places.

How important is cover design?

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Author: Bill East

Having spent many frustrating hours creating a story, typing it out, proofreading the text and then sweating on getting the darned thing published, I suppose anything that helps to sell the book is important and cover design certainly helps in that regard!

As book buyers...and I guess we’re all that…I’m sure we’ve been influenced by good cover design. It’s what makes us pick up a book, particularly when the author is an ‘unknown’

Maddie and the King of Paradise

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Author: Bill East

Maddie and the king of paradise book cover

Well, after a rather cold and wet end to November, the Summer seems to have finally arrived in Sydney!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all’s well with the world….well up to a point!

My book ‘Maddie and the King of Paradise’ has just been published and I’m hopeful that lots of people will buy it and everybody will enjoy it.

The Rose of September - Reviews

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Author: Oksana Verpakhovskaya

We have received some wonderful reviews for The Rose of September. We have picked out some of our favourites for you below.

Author:  Hon. Prof. DDr. Karl F. Stifter

Dear Oksana,
I received your book and would like to tell you, that it is really a very heartmoving masterpeace!
Thank you and congratulation! May it become a worldwide bestseller...
Karl Stifter


Author: Dr. Juan Luis Fernandez Morrera

Society of Authors Literary Awards and Summer Party

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Author: Hugh Roberts

I attended the Society of Authors Literary Awards and Summer Party last Thursday at the RIBA in Portland Place, London. Billed as the writing awards 'for authors by authors', such a gathering was bound to be a success. The RIBA’s great gallery enhanced it of course, but a collection of more than 400 writers would make such an event go with a swing in an underground shelter.