In Magician and Fool, Pamela Colman Smith begins her career as an artist at the end of the Victorian Age at the Lyceum Theatre, where she grows from innocent empath to seer and channeler; creating her now world-famous deck of tarot cards.

Introduced to The Golden Dawn cult by Bram Stoker, the second in command at the Lyceum Theatre, she is commissioned to create a tarot deck for the members to use in their quest for magic. Golden Dawn’s most evil member, Aleister Crowley, becomes obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the Tarot. His obsession peaks when he sees the power of her deck and realizes he can create a rival deck, leading him to manifest magical power to harm Pamela’s incarnates of her cards.

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See what the experts say about MAGICIAN AND FOOL

   "Susan Wands casts a startling and supernatural spell in Magician and Fool. She's crafted a book as beguiling and intriguing as the Tarot itself. Susan plunges the reader smack dab into the fray of the 20th century's most infamous magicians and weaves a tale who's magic remains, long after the last page has been read."

                                                            - Sasha Graham, Tarot expert and author of Tarot Diva, Tarot Fundamentals, 365 Tarot Spreads: Creating the Magic in Each Day 

            “Magician and Fool is a mesmerizing work of magical realism with a spellbinding cast of historical figures.  In Susan Wands’s hands the fog-shrouded streets and secret society backrooms of Victorian England have never been more enchanting...or more frightening.”

                                                            - Ryan Brown, author of Play Dead and Thawed Out and Fed Up


Ruby’s life is changed forever when, one night, she stumbles across the gorgeous Kieran Ashaik. Almost immediately she is in danger by association, stalked and threatened by those who want Kieran dead; not just because of his bad attitude and violent, unpredictable nature. He is part of an ancient species of Phoenix, capable of transforming into terrifying predators; a species Ruby soon realises she is part of.

She is then presented with a choice: to follow this dark stranger and his family into a dangerous unfamiliar world of love, lies and killing, or risk dying alone without ever knowing her true potential.

Either way she will die a brutal death; slowly burning from within until her body becomes nothing but ashes.

Her choice will determine whether she will ever live again.

Stephanie Harbon was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1994, while her father was working there. She moved back to beautiful Derbyshire at the tender age of three and lives there with her parents, German Shepherd Max and snake Chara. When not writing she likes to practice Taekwon Do, of which she has now been a devotee for nearly ten years. (She has a 4th Degree black belt)  From a young age she loved reading and writing and decided when just thirteen, to write her first novel. She loves fantasy but wanted to write something different from the usual crop of vampire, witch and werewolf stories. Ashes her debut novel has taken a very long time to write but she is now planning a follow-on story and once readers have become involved in the amazing world that she has created, they will be waiting impatiently for her second book. 

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In the world of Zeiban, where people and creatures unlike any others, coexist, the lives of a small family, living in seclusion are thrust into chaos when members of an organization invade their home. This sends siblings Firgus and Laureen on a journey to find answers but the further they go, the darker their path becomes as they encounter beings beyond their understanding and a world that is similar and yet not the same...

Enter the first part of this epic Dawn of the Deity saga as worlds collide and ideals clash with a massive cast of characters who all have their own goals and schemes just waiting to be discovered. There is no one hero, no single villain; a tale that can be simple, complex, personal, wide in scale and yet light-hearted and intense. Only when a conflict of this size begins will the gods descend from on high and deliver judgment on the world. 

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