Hardly Surprising that a Great Story like Smart Fiona Should Fly from the Start

Hello everyone! Well, Smart Fiona has now been released. It was published on 1 May.

There were nearly 100 pre-sales in April, which I am thrilled about. Thankyou to everyone who pre-ordered the book, I’m most grateful.

So now it’s out there, you may be wondering, why should I buy this book? What makes it stand out from other children’s novels?

For me, Smart Fiona has three stand-out USPs.


Original Concept

I did my research before I wrote Smart Fiona. There are lots of stories out there about fantastical beings and creatures, exotic worlds and fun adventures. That’s great. Everything that a child’s imagination craves. But Smart Fiona takes things to the next level and takes us into the technological age that we now live in. It’s Alice in Wonderland meets The Matrix. Ever wondered what it would be like to get sucked inside your phone and become a digital entity within that phone? That’s exactly what happens to Fiona Chen.


More BAME for your Book

The UK in 2024 is wonderfully diverse and multicultural. This is to be celebrated. The entertainment industry has made progress in recent years, but there is still a long way to go in terms of a wider representation of people.

In Smart Fiona, there are three main characters.

Fiona – British Born Chinese

Sunita – British Indian

Sharlene – British African

I want as many children and teenagers out there as possible to be able to identify with this book.


A Morality Tale

Without providing any spoilers, I have weaved into the ending a moral about children and teenagers rationing their screen time. It’s subtle and not preachy, but it’s there nonetheless.

I want parents buying Smart Fiona to know that I am on their side in that regard.

Fiona’s phone does not contain any social media applications.


Hopefully that’s whet your appetite. As a quick reminder, the book is currently available online at the following outlets – Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Blackwells, Hive, Browns and all other major retailers.