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Can appearances can be deceptive? 

We naturally like to think that our lives have value and meaning. Yet we often sense that something is missing; a sense that things are not the way they are meant to be. 

This unique book you now have in your hands can change all that. It focuses on 12 soul-traits taken from Mussar - the ethical side of Judaism - that, when mindfully applied, can transform our lives. Life-enhancing traits such as faith and trust, silence and simplicity, awe and enthusiasm... 

Mindful Judaism is about taking one moment and one day at a time; living mindfully and appreciating the present in a Jewish context. 

Mindful Judaism is about balance. So, whilst we should be patient (see Chapter Ten), we need to get a move on too. Similarly, we require order and structure in our lives (see Chapter Two) - but also creativity and spontaneity. 

Marvin Shaw’s gentle, non-judgmental toolkit for Mindfulness brings a uniquely Jewish perspective to this puzzle of how to heal, calm and order lives that have gone out of control. Using an eclectic mix of psalms, teachings, visualisation techniques and the framework of the Jewish year, his book has something to offer everyone.  

(Maureen Kendler - London School of Jewish Studies Teaching Fellow)

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At the entrance to one of the blocks in the Auschwitz museum, prominence is given to the words of the American philosopher George Santayana: ;The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again;The patriarchs and prophets of the Bible were the first to see history as the unfolding drama of God and the people of the covenant. In this wonderful new work, Rabbi Philip Ginsbury and Raphael Cutler take us on a journey through Jewish history, its triumphs and tragedies and its astonishing record of survival and rebirth. What makes this work different from others is its emphasis on the love of the land, Israel, and a book, the Torah, which together sustained a people through some of the worst persecutions in history. This is a thrilling story beautifully nar

rated, and will make all who read it look back in wonder at the vision, hope and longing that lie at the heart of Jewish existence through the generations." Lord Sacks, Former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, from his review of the original edition entitled 'The Phases of Jewish History' It is on the personalities, many of them great rabbis and sages, that the authors throw particular light, convinced as all readers will be after reading this book that 'individuals can shape history no less than movements and economic and social factors'. There is much to be learned about those individuals in these pages: of perseverance, of courage, and of faith. This is not only history with a human face, but with a deep understanding of the religious imperatives that sustained a people in exile and enabled them to survive enemies and pressures that brought many other ancient peoples to the dust. It is the story of the triumph of the spirit, as sustained by men of integrity and vision." From the Foreword by Sir Martin Gilbert to the original edition entitled 'The Phases of Jewish History'

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Raphael Cutler was born in England. His education culminated in a BA from Jew’s College in London and subsequently a Diploma in Architecture from Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University).
In 1973 he immigrated with his family to Israel where he worked in the public sector as a Town Planner. However, he was always a passionate student of history. He quickly came to realise that, whereas architecture comprised the art of dividing space, history comprised the art of dividing time.
After retirement and with this realisation in mind, he co-authored, with Rabbi
Philip Ginsbury, a history of the Jewish people now published under the title
TRACEDY & TRIUMPH. From this developed the idea of a trilogy based upon the
people, the land and the religion of Israel.
Honey from the Rock is the second book of the trilogy and illustrates graphically that the history of the Holy Land is far more than a mere description of successive empires. What is paramount is the fact that this land is where the Jewish people has best expressed its religious genius throughout the ages.Thus, in ancient times, the symbiotic relationship between land and people produced the Bible, the foundation stone of Western Civilisation. Similarly, in later periods the Holy Land produced the Mishna, the Midrash, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Masorah and the Shulchan Aruch. All of these were to make a vital contribution to the development of the Oral Law, the counterpart of the Bible. Every copy of the book is supplied with a new innovation in the form of a Time Scale Measure. This should prove to be an invaluable educational tool to guide the reader into different aspects of the history of the Holy Land which can then be studied in depth in the book itself.The ultimate message of the intended trilogy is thus to stress how Jewish existence can only be ascribed to the unique bond between People, Land and Religion. '...I highly recommend this book for a place of honor in any Jewish home or school' - Rabbi Berel Wein

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What is a Modern-Day Psalm?

Spiritual gel, healing balm 

The unique process outlined within these covers helps us delve deep inside our-self in order to overcome any problems or challenges we may have; its ultimate aim being to facilitate us becoming the best person we can be and to infuse our life with meaning and joy. 

Focusing on twelve significant universal themes such as fear and sadness, hope and trust in G-d, this book engages with powerful Jewish spiritual concepts that will bring us to a more fulfilling life.  

According to Rabbi Avraham Chaim Feuer, the biblical Psalms (tehillim) ‘bring comfort to the troubled soul.' Although, not divinely-inspired, like King David’s Psalms, the same is true regarding the scores of Modern-Day Psalms offered in this book.

* Deep and clear analysis of 60 Modern-Day Psalms and 12 Biblical Psalms 

* How to write and understand your own Modern-Day Psalm

* 12 powerful Jewish spiritual themes examined through the prism of Modern-Day and Biblical Psalm

* Personal problems tackled and solved by Modern-Day and Biblical Psalms 

* How Biblical and Modern-Day Psalms can aid well-being and inner peace

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