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As I walked to my destination, destiny awaited

With determination & perseverance, you can achieve your desired goals.

Tribute to all who have fallen through experiencing social injustices, losses, setbacks, deterioration in wellbeing…but managed to get up, stand strong again & achieve their goals.

Understanding & handling individuals’ experiences & situations, human condition & human relationship, is not always a straight-forward task. It calls for lots of compassion, deep thinking & open-mindedness.

Tribute to all who care for, support & empower those who are vulnerable or in need.

Imparting knowledge & understanding takes a lot of effort & creativity to simplify the seemingly complex & reach out to every individual’s level of understanding.

Tribute to all trainers, teachers, lecturers, tutors, educators, mentors, advisers, instructors… but mainly to experts by experience, for taking time to empower others with knowledge & understanding.

Here is hoping that what Tee collected on her journey will empower my reader in one way or another.

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In Margaret Thatcher’s Britain life was revolving at a fast pace. Socialist policies were being replaced by “As long as I am ok” and to be upwardly mobile was the aim. Modern technologies were constantly being updated. Food scares prevailed constantly from eggs to coffee.  It was difficult to know what was good or unacceptable.Men were competitive especially in trading markets. Women were supposed to work out to look like Jane Fonda and climb the glass ceiling career ladder whilst running and maintaining homes and families. Stress levels were rising as more was expected from people than in any previous generation. Labour saving devices and gadgets did not seem to save time, just create more clutter. Time was tight in all spheres and life hurtled from one deadline to the next target.As green environmental issues were gaining in popularity, a wealthy benefactor bought a remote uninhabited island and raised funds to see if there was a better, alternative lifestyle.Candidates would be chosen according to their skills and life experience instead of qualifications. Money would not be used, there would be ample provisions, shelter and privacy for all.The story traces the path of three successful candidates all seeking something different, each hoping that life can be more meaningful. Can it? Will it? Will their dreams come true? Will they get what they want? Will they still want it? Will they lose what they had? Can anybody have it all? Follow their trails and see if they can manage to live happily ever after or if there is a sting in the tail.

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Peter Morrell was born just before D Day. After school and university, where he read French, he qualified, first as a solicitor, and then as a barrister. He practised at the Bar until 1992, when he was appointed a circuit judge, trying criminal and civil cases in London and the East Midlands. Peter retired from the Circuit Bench in 2009, but continued to preside over Mental Health Tribunals un

til 2014.

Peter has been an observant Christian since childhood and, in 2008 in the Diocese of Peterborough, he was ordained deacon of the Church of England; and priest a year later. He currently mini

sters in the Watersmete Benefice, a collection of country parishes near his home in East Northamptonshire, where he has lived for the past forty-five years; and to the Anglican English-speaking community in the Costa Blanca Chaplaincy, Spain, where he and his wife, Mary, own a house.

Peter is the author of a trilogy of novels. The first two were published in 2015; The Rector of Pepynbridge and The Islamist of Pepynbridge; and the third, The Honourable Member for Pepynbridg

e, in 2016. Set in Pepynbridge, a fictional village in Northamptonshire, the trilogy deals with challenging and contemporary social issues and draws upon Peter’s professional experiences as barrister, judge and clergyman; and his knowledge and love of rural life.

From the Pulpit is a selection of sermons preached by Peter in England and Spain between The Second Sunday before Lent in 2012 and the Seventh Sunday of Easter in 2017.

Peter and Mary married in 1970. They have two grown-up daughters and a granddaughter.


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99% of all people can find at least 10 reasons to be unhappy. Most of them relate to the lack of optimism, which is directly related to various shortcomings – lack of success, unsatisfac

tory social relationships or money problems. Author Alexandru Adrian Carstea has experienced a massive growth in personal development by implementing a series of ideas and thoughts that most people just choose to overlook. He openly discusses 99 ideas to improve your life without making any major investments or spending too much time.

99 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE is stuffed with ideas, tips, suggestions and detailed guides on how to do this and that. Discover personal stories and learn to heal yourself on your way to prosperity, success and happiness. The difference between failure and success is a matter of mentality, as well as several small changes that are right under your nose.

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There are many stories waiting to be told, but it seems that in our financially motivated environment, the only way your story can reach a wider audience is if you are a celebrity! At least, this was one of the responses the author received when she sent her autobiography off to yet another publisher. And it was this response that inspired the title of her book. 

She has a real story to tell, a story that she hopes will contribute to breaking preconceptions of a faith that to her, exudes peace and love.  The spirit of the book is to shed some positive light on Islam, but despite this, there is no political agenda.  Sahera Patel has simply written about the reality of being a Female British Muslim in a modern society. 

Her work is a voyeuristic journey. It takes the reader through the stages of the life of a Muslim that many will have only heard about in passing. It reveals real life tales; her parent's arranged marriage, agreed through a window, and her own which was only agreed after she met with countless potential candidates. 

Her story has been told with positivity, emphasizing the true nature of faith.  

This book gives its reader an opportunity to take a journey that will educate, inspire and perhaps, change the heart forever.  

 Over the last sixty years immigration has changed the UK significantly. This book allows you to see life through the eyes of one relatively ordinary British Muslim of Indian origin. Reading how she went about husband hunting through the arranged marriage system should dispel many myths and I particularly recommend her experiences of Hajj. I found the book very easy to read and always wanted to know what happened on the next page.

Mohammed Amin, Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum and Co-Chair of the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester.

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Gary Markwick has used his incredible insight and experience of the human psyche to provide us with an antidote to the stresses and tensions that beset our lives today.

Now it Begins has, at its heart, the simple assertion that once you can let go of illusion and draw upon a deeper, universal source of motivation, then you will reconnect with your true purpose on earth.

The book is illustrated throughout with ancient learning and stories that gently bring home the important points being made.

Now it Begins will consistently inspire and encourage people on their exciting journey to freedom and fulfilment.

There has probably never been a time when a book like this has been so necessary and the reader will find both comfort and inspiration among its pages.

It is now time to stop serving the illusion and see the reality. It is your awakening, So...NOW IT BEGINS.

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PATHH – Positive Attitude to Holistic Health uses yogic philosophy and practice to first understand, then to heal the heart, mind and the body.

This ancient guidance is as relevant today as it was 4,000 years ago as it provides guidance on how to thrive in life. This philosophy supports a more relaxed, purposeful and grounded life. You will feel naturally well.

When you have ease in the body, you have less dis-ease - ill health physically, mentally or emotionally.

PATHH gives you understanding of the natural rhythm within your body and mind and the reactions to the strains of modern living. It offers support on positive, conscious decision making to gently find your way back to feeling like you again. The real you. The best you.

This book is based on a program of the same name, run by the author, which has helped many people back to natural health and the confidence to take control and responsibility for their life journey and happiness. You too can take back your power to move forward and experience life as you were meant to do.

Enjoy your PATHH, embrace your purpose, love yourself and your life. This purchase is the first step and I wish you well on your journey forward.

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