Author: Graham Ashworth

Imagine having it all. Good looks, personality, confidence, along with a certain presence, well that’s what as a young man Ray Taylor is blessed with. However Ray can’t help himself, he has an inbuilt self-destruct button simmering just below the surface. The story begins with the developing friendship between the ever confident Ray and loser Steven Blockley. But oh how things change with a reversal of fortunes. However, there are plenty of women, an abundance of alcohol and countless scandals to be had before their paths cross once more.

When Ray meets Val, things look to be on the up. She suggests a career in the Fire Service, and Ray with some reservations acts upon her desire for a better future. Maybe now with a steady job and a positive relationship, the prospect of happiness could firmly be on the cards. And so begins a part of Ray’s life that surely even he can’t destroy.Together they have a son but is living at home with Ray’s mother really the answer? Eventually he blows the chance of happiness. The family life isn’t for Ray. He strays into the arms of whoever is willing to indulge his needs. Failed relationships Ray can handle, but the booze gets a grip and slowly takes charge of his life.

Ray even has a stab at marriage. A beautiful young woman, along with her wealthy family could be the answer. Once more things could be rosy. However, Beverley is a feisty character and her parents hide an unusual secret. Ray thinks he’s seen it all, he is after all a ‘man o’ the world’ but life on the farm leaves him dumbstruck. Another failed relationship? Probably.

Throughout it all Ray still manages to shine to certain outsiders, just as a rough diamond might do.The pub goers love him, after all he has the patter, the jokes and a good tale to tell. However, what they don’t see is his private life. Because of his broken lifestyle, home can quite often be a lonely place.

When Steven Blockley returns, he goes some way to anchoring stability to Ray’s life, but is it too late to change? Perhaps a long-term relationship with Angela, a married woman may help? Perhaps not.

Hidden in the story is Dawn. A woman he can never really get out of his head. She could have been the one, but circumstances dictate otherwise. The shallow side of Ray sees to that.

It’s five years since ‘Man O’ The World’ was published by i2i Publishing and it’s still my BEST seller. It would appear everyone can relate to Ray Taylor. At some point in our lives we’ve all known someone like him. Love him or hate him it would appear people can’t get enough of this character who can only be described as a man’s man! Enjoy the story.