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Running as an independent candidate in a political election is never an easy task but do we live in an era when there is no-one that you want to vote for?

In 2020, the conservative party runs on a right wing Thatcherite agenda, the labour party has drifted further towards its Marxist purist roots and liberalism is in danger of becoming a narrow minded antithesis of itself leaving a gaping hole in the middle of British politics.

These are the views of Marcus Farmer who seeks to bring new ideas, a different way of looking at things and a new story to the political debating table. Promoting the current political narrative of environmental concern he attempts to start a new ideology which he calls ‘dialectical environmentalism’ which is aimed at the middle ground voter.

With the current labour party in disarray, running again for the post of mayor of Manchester in May 2020 be hopes to build on the 3360 votes he managed to achieve in 2017.  

All proceeds achieved from the sale of this book prior to election day in May 2020 will be donated to Andy Burnham’s homeless charity.

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Brexit - the decision taken to leave the European Union at the Referendum in July 2016 - has transformed the political landscape of the UK. All the old certainties have been upended and confusion and uncertainty are the orders of the day all round. The established parties have been completely poleaxed by Brexit, flailing around for answers and failing miserably on all fronts.
In the midst of all this chaos, people all over the UK seem to be looking for new answers, politically,
economically and socially.

In Wales, the same sense of confusion and uncertainty reigns. Wales had received millions in European money over the past 20 years. But, like its neighbour England, the nation had decided to vote to leave the EU in 2016. What could be done? Was there any way in which Wales could respond to such a seismic political event? 

The generation traditionally associated with protest and activism - young people- seemed too lost in a world of technology, social media and consumerism to take any interest at all. Was it therefore up to middle-aged people to take up their mantle of activism? Could such a group (and mainly men) do anything about the crisis facing Wales?

Gwlad! Gwlad?- An Invitation to a Party tells the story of the effort over the course of one year: to set up a new party to put the case for Welsh Independence at the centre of the political agenda post-Brexit. The group outlines their aim to become the first Syncretic Party in Wales and the UK - willing to consider ideas from across the political spectrum as long as these are beneficial for Wales as a country.

The whole story is told from the perspective of an insider, someone who has been involved with the enterprise from the initial meeting in the Autumn of 2017 right through to the launch at the end of August 2018. He tells of the highs and the lows of this year, of the self-described ‘middle- aged wrinklies’ and their attempt to start up a new political party from scratch ‘Ein Gwlad’( Our country).
The  idealism, the camaraderie, the spirited co-operation as well as the disappointments, the arguments, the set-backs and the fall-outs. It's a warts and all tale of one group of people's attempt to try and change the destiny of a nation.

Aled Gwyn Job combines the fascinating tale of setting up Ein Gwlad over the year with commentary on political developments in a hugely eventful year for Wales and the UK along with snippets from his own personal life over the course of that same period.

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Brexit The Road to Freedom

This powerfully-written book addresses profound issues of democracy and political economy. 

It is a readable, concise, yet comprehensive guide to the EU referendum campaign and its place in Britain’s democratic advance. It points out the political and economic weaknesses of the arguments for a United States of Europe. It concludes that we were right to vote to leave the EU and to assert the politics of democratic national independence. It outlines the key elements of a political and economic future for an independent Britain which would create greater prosperity than the eurozone. 

Taking control must mean more than just our vote to leave. It must also mean working to rebuild Britain, planning for freedom and making a clean break from the EU. 

This book is written in the belief that only as an independent united Britain can we address and solve Britain’s problems. The urgency of these problems demands clear thinking: This book may help to stimulate that necessary thought and debate, to help us to implement what we have decided to do.

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Brexit was Britain's first full-scale information war. The seminal political event of the age, there were no petrol bombs, no occupations and no riots - it was a very British revolution. In years to come historians and politicians will struggle to explain how a disparate collection of disorganised, demoralised nobodies managed to triumph over the entire political establishment and change the course of European history. From the absurdity of the Thames flotilla debacle to the tragedy of Jo Cox, this is the story of what really happened.

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