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Scanning across recent decades, Fractured Society … Causes, Effects and Resolutions looks at how human relations have been coming apart psychologically, a situation summarised by a failure to understand each other. Young people seem more stressed than previous generations, while politics are now more polarised than for a long time past. Wherever you look, at gender relations, the working environment, responses to traumatic events and how people relate - positively and negatively - to their sense of place, there are profound strains on how we interact with each other. But maybe all is not lost! Hugh Roberts examines how every situation can look better in context, applying lessons learned from many years working internationally with different cultures and value systems. He proposes a fresh approach to relationship building, based on empathy and understanding of individual agendas. CV19 has brought communities a renewed sense of collective purpose with digital communication proving vital in sustaining relationships. However, the Internet needs to take its rightful place in, rather than take over, the slow re-building of mutual trust. 

Fractured Society delivers an upbeat message advocating a better-connected world created through encouraging us to adopt a positive, empathetic approach to one another, replacing an approach shrouded in fear and mistrust of forming new acquaintances.

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Louis Harding had been on the reality TV circuit for years. He’d kissed girls on cue, playing along with sun, sea and sound engineers. But he’d never been involved with anything that sent him 5,000 miles across the globe to look into the world of cocaine.

 The white stuff was just a party drug to the Manchester likely lad until Louis and three other presenters took on the mission of tracking down Colombian drug barons, hitmen and fixers to find out how ‘coke’ makes it from the jungle to the streets. 

 Suddenly the party is over, with battle lines and white lines both being drawn. Under the lights and on camera, Louis Harding is about to get more action than he ever expected…

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