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In this age of cultural awareness, it has become imperative to identify one's self with his culture as well as his spoken dialect. This is necessary especially in a volatile country like Nigeria where the majority ethnic groups are preponderant over their minority counterparts and in so doing, reducing these groups to mere irrelevance. The persuasive inference one can draw from this, therefore, is that if these ethnic languages are left unused or sparsely used, they will fizzle out in the near future - and we will be worse for it. Waghiaghaz'Edo in this respect, is a useful guide to learning the Edo, one of the minority tribal languages in Nigeria. It introduces readers to its alphabets, consonants as well as its pronunciation. In fact, call it a succinct appraisal of the cultural as well as ancestral heritage of the Edo people and you are not far from it. Osazuwa Omede has produced a captivating work for his ethnic Edo tribe so much so that when you flip its first pages, you are spellbound to read it through to the end.

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In an age when the rights of women are under constant and close scrutiny in the Western world, it is timely to remind ourselves of the appalling conditions in which women still spend their lives in many parts of the African continent.  Killing them softly is the story of Martha Clifford, who in her infancy witnessed the trauma of female genital mutilation, attempted rape as well as the brazen discrimination and shoddy treatment of feminine issues in her patriarchal native land of Nigeria. This is made worse by the huge prejudice against women, the marginalization and sexism: women sidelined as the ‘weaker sex’ and conditioned to be perpetually subservient to their male counterparts in the chauvinistic society. Believing that men are their oppressors and women should fight their own battles, young Martha teams up with like-minded feminists and with their pressure group: Woe-man Incorporated, they challenge their country’s discriminatory laws, statutes as well as the dicta of culture, religion, tradition and customs all of which debase womanhood. Bruised, battered and imprisoned, these courageous women strive on until they are set free by the intervention of human rights groups abroad, a respite which only made them more resolute in their struggle for gender justice and egalitarianism.   

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The novel succinctly highlights the lifestyle and experience of African people but with special focus on a unique African girl who was able to override the common challenges often experienced by girls in this setting.  The book traced the life experience one such African girl, named Bisi in this novel, from birth until she was joyfully married.  Right from childhood, Bisi battled with the challenges of tradition that forbids girls from schooling, the challenge of poverty, the challenge of sexual harassment, the challenge of deaths, the challenge of HIV/AIDS and the challenge of girls succeeding in science and engineering courses.  Miraculously, Bisi surmounted them all and achieved great success.  Yes, Bisi was truly a unique African girl.  There are lots you will learn from her experience.  Read on.

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