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Joanne had been teaching piano (and singing) in music schools and now in her own music school. She has now decided to write this wonderful

A beginner to grade 1 auxiliary piano tutor book, from age 9 to adult. This book is especially designed to brighten the learning experience, combining blue and red coloured notation with the traditional black! Simply follow blue for the right hand and red for the left!

Enjoy the process of learning to read music and simply play the piano!

Technical studies, such as scales, chords and arpeggios are combined within the pieces, therefore learning them in an enjoyable and creative style!

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A unique, inspirational book and personal development programme that demonstrates how writing, reading and reciting poetry aids inner fulfillment and emotional healing

• 120 original, delightful and thought-provoking poems written by the author

• Poems divided into twelve universal life-themes for personal and group exploration. From Grief and Sadness to Sense of Humour

• Practical exercises and down to earth advice on how to write creative and therapeutic poetry that improves mental health and emotional well-being

• A ‘must’ for every school, university and professional institution where creative writing, creativity or personal development is taught

‘Poetry For Health is an invaluable guide for practitioners and individuals in search of a greater understanding of how we can heal ourselves. Marvin Shaw’s poetry touches our senses, inspiring us to write our own poems and engage with them.’

Miriam Reissner - Freelance Journalist

'Poetry For Health celebrates the healing power that emerges when people, who have never written before, express things long held (and withheld) within them. The emotional range of its suggested exercises is really good.’

Jay Ramsay - Poet, Author, Healer, Psychotherapist

‘Poetry For Health will serve as an invaluable coping tool for anyone who cares to read it.’

Daniel Cainer - ‘The New Comic Bard of Anglo-Jewry’

Marvin J Shaw is a poet and educator in Personal Growth. He is the author of 10 Days To Change Your Life and Kosher Happiness - A 12 Step Programme to Reveal and Release your Inner Potential.

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This book is a poetic version of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. The plot is completely based on the Bible, without altering or omitting any essential part of it. Therefore all the characters and events are as in the original Book of Genesis.

The poem is divided into twelve chapters, which reveal the principal epochs described in Genesis, beginning with Adam and Eve and the Creation of the World, and ending with the death of Israel and the death of Joseph.

The form of a verse will let the readers go through the descriptions of the main world famous events and phenomena (the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra and so on) without stumbling on the difficulties of the authentic text. The poem will make it easier to perceive and memorize the text of the Bible, which is especially useful for schoolchildren and teachers, who can adopt the poem for songs and stage performances.

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In the Book of Genesis, chapter 6, there is an intriguing mentioning of the time when Sons of God took men’s daughters as wives, and there were giants on the Earth. Then all humans and all earthly creatures became corrupt, and the whole land was devastated, and the miserable called for the Lord, for Him to see the evil which was happening on the Earth. All this led to the Flood, which destroyed every living thing, except those in Noah’s Ark.

A more detailed story about the fallen angels is depicted in the Book of Enoch. This book, Once before the Flood, is a poetic legend, partially based on the contents of both, Genesis: 6 and the Book of Enoch. It is an artistic attempt to see how the human world once turned into a mess, which only deserved termination.

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