As a new author, I had many offers from different publishers for my book LIFE ON A KNIFE EDGE. I was delighted with my choice to go ahead with i2i publishing, as from the outset Mr Lionel Ross and later his senior editor Mr Mark Cripps made my journey personal. There were many events in my story that had made me go back and visit different areas of my trauma, again Mr Ross and Mr Cripps gave me the time that I needed to continue with telling my story keeping me and the well being of my family as their NUMBER ONE priority.  I thank them both for going the extra mile and eventually producing what I have been told many times by readers that LIFE ON A KNIFE EDGE is one of the best books that they have ever read.

Lawrence Nasralla, auther of Life On a Knife Edge


Decimating the Goose

Lionel Ross' i2i Publishing is a superb and unpretentious publishing outfit dedicated to satisfying your quest for a bespoke publication. The staff all display indefatigable energies for work not to mention Mr Ross himself, whose kindness and sincerity is equal to none.
Let me join in sounding this clarion call: i2i is not a vanity press, but instead, a partnership venture where you are encouraged from the outset by able hands.

Martha Clifford, author of Decimating the Goose.



Meet the FamilyCommitment, time and patience from Lionel and Barry are exceptional. Their experience, knowledge and professionalism are appreciated, along with constant and consistent contact and advice through each phase and stage in creating Meet the Family...

Debbie Willies - Author of Meet the Family


i2i An excellent and professional service
Having completed my first novel but with absolutely no idea of how to proceed further, I was recommended to i2i Publishing by a friend. I completed their application form and was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply from them in just a couple of days. Fortunately my application was successful and I can only say that Lionel has been there to metaphorically hold my hand throughout the whole process of editing and marketing, with no query of mine too trivial for his attention.
I admire the whole ethos of i2i Publishing and cannot thank Lionel and his team enough for turning my long held dream into a reality.


Excellent professional/friendly service.
Having written my autobiography I decided to find out whether it would be possible to get it published. I contacted numerous publishers for information, however the company that offered the best service for me was i2i Publishing. Lionel was very informative and helpful. I had lots of questions to ask and Lionel responded quickly with the answers to my queries. I was kept informed throughout the process and after a few weeks I received copies of my book. I wish to thank Lionel for being so patient and for all his help (I had no idea how to go about publishing). I am very pleased with the end product and I hope my book brings pleasure to many people

Janine Allen - Author of AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES


I live in Russia and my mother tongue is Russian, so when I decided to write my first book in the English language and publish it in an English-speaking country, it was a real challenge for me! I tried several publishing houses: some of them said they were too small to work internationally, some said they did not work with poetry, some were ready to accept me, but either the services they offered were poor, or the references about the company were not very good. But when I came to work with i2ipublishing I found: 1) appreciation (which is most needed for a beginning author, especially for a foreign one!), 2) a big range of quick and convenient services. Mr. Ross explained clearly every step of the process, and all was done just as he promised. So, I did not have doubts where I should submit my second book. So, two books published with one company – doesn’t it make a good recommendation!I must note that they have really good designers! The covers of my books were highly appreciated by my colleagues in my city.

Olga Savelyeva - Author of ONCE BEFORE THE FLOOD


When you write an autobiography that is deeply personal, you want to protect it and present it to your audience exactly how you initially intended.  And when that autobiography is written by a seemingly ordinary person, finding a publisher who believes in your story becomes a virtual impossibility.  This was the challenge I was faced with when I began my search for a publisher for my autobiography 'I'm not a celebrity I am a Muslim'.  Countless publishers responded in the negative until that is, I approached i2i publishing.
Lionel Ross responded with a genuine love for my work and my intention behind it.  His enthusiasm and determination to get my work published matched my own and within a month we had edited and designed a complete book.  i2i publishing provides a service where teamwork and a shared passion for writing results in a happy working relationship.  I would highly recommend them.

Sahera Patel author of I'M NOT A CELEBRITY, I AM A MUSLIM


I was determined to tell the world of my experiences that culminated in my ex-wife abducting my young son while on holiday in Greece. I wanted people in a similar situation to me to know that there can be light at the end of the tunnel and one should never give up the fight for what is right. So I wrote FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTOPHER but I needed a publisher and something drew me to contact Lionel Ross of i2i Publishing. As soon as I asked him if he could publish my book he asked me what it was about and he expressed interest . That all came to fruition just two months later with the launch of the book.

I2i has now published my second book which is a comprehensive autobiography and deals among other things with the abuse I experienced as a child. Lionel is always supportive and I now regard him as a close friend. You could say, “You are never alone when you become an i2i Publishing author.”



Lionel Ross is highly recommended in all aspects of publishing. Choose i2i Publishing to enhance your treasured work with full confidence.

Graham Ashworth-Author - MAN O' THE WORLD 




Taking the first steps to publish my manuscript was the most challenging experience I had ever had. Who to go to, what is the right process, am I good enough, will they laugh at my attempt as a writer?

I had approached a publishing company and very quickly became overwhelmed and realised that they were only interested in getting a lot of money out of me and were not doing what they were supposed to do.

I was so relieved then I first spoke to Lionel at i2i publishing, he was very calm and honest in his whole approach. The reassurance he gave me allowed me to relax and really enjoy the process of creating my book. He made the process seem very simple, effortless and straight forward. This only happens when someone has a great deal of experience, knowledge and confidence in their ability and Lionel has all of these qualities.

The end result is something I am extremely proud of and is exactly how I had imagined it to be. I can’t thank Lionel and the team enough for the superb service they have given me. I would and will recommend them to any budding author. They have made my dream a reality. Thank you.

-Barbara Chrisp