Susan Wands

‘Pushing Boundaries’ at the Historical Novel Society in NYC

Author: Susan Wands

When Loretta Goldberg from the NYC Chapter of the Historical Novel Society invited me to be part of a panel celebrating unusual protagonists, ‘Pushing Boundaries’, I leapt at the chance. I would be on a panel with authors, Linda Trice and Jeanne Mackin. Linda Trice, author of Charles Drew: Pioneer of Blood Plasma, and Jeanne Mackin, author of The Beautiful American, Dreams of Empire and The Queen’s War, and I would be discussing be discussing our latest published books. Linda’s protagonist, Charles Drew, was an African-American doctor who developed a method of preserving blood and Jeanne’s recent book, The Beautiful American, revolves around Lee Miller, the muse for Man Ray and photographer post WWII. Pamela Colman Smith, the protagonist for Magician and Fool, would be my area of expertise.

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