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i2i Publishing: Book Publishers

Book Publishing for New Authors.

The book publishers who will give your book the consideration it deserves.

i2i Publishing was founded by Lionel Ross who is himself the published author of eight books. He knows, only too well, the almost impossible task confronting a new author when he seeks to find a book publishing company. Writers devote months and years of their lives to crafting and creating books devoted to the education and entertainment of unseen others. They then discover that their beloved manuscript is just a piece of often worthless merchandise in the eyes of the vast majority of book publishing companies. New authors receive countless numbers of rejection letters from the mainstream publishers who prefer to play it safe with either established authors or celebrity authored books. Finally new writers turn in desperation to the so-called Vanity market. There they are promised, in return for vast sums of money, that their book will be published.

Now there is another way, the i2i way. We DO ask for a small financial contribution towards costs but only on a SHARED RISK basis. And after that initial payment, the risk is all ours. We know from personal experience that most new authors are not ‘made of money.’

We are always open to submissions and promise a quick response, be it positive or negative.

We are NOT a self-publishing organisation – rather a partnership between Author and Publisher and where your book, if accepted, will have an internationally recognised imprint – i2i

If you wish to contact us about a new book, please either ring us on (+44) (0) 7957 557510 or follow the link below.

We are committed to giving a quick response, no matter how busy we are. It costs nothing to enquire but it might be a life-changing click.

A message from the publisher: