The Nov. 8th: Mortenson Distinguished Lecture with Dr. Agnes Kaposi, Engineer, Educator, Holocaust survivor and Author

Agnes Kaposi, author of Yellow Star – Red Star will be giving the Distinguished Mortensen lecture on Line on November 8th.

i2i Author Nick Eades, the world’s most experienced 747 Captain, interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex

Nick gave a fascinating window into his career and discussed his first book THE SELF-IMPROVER with the presenter Lesley McCabe. He then took the opportunity to announce that i2i Publishing were to publish the sequel STILL IMPROVING.

An Evening with Survivor Agnes Kaposi in Conversation with Deborah Joseph

Deborah Joseph, Editor in Chief of Glamour UK interviews Holocaust Survivor Agnes Kaposi.

Tom Fitzmaurice to be interviewed by the BBC about his best-selling travel book CANNED COFFEE AND KIMONOS

An amazing read – full of information presented in a most entertaining way.

An amazing review of our latest art book. Bryan Charnley. Art and Adversity

The story of an incredibly talented but tortured Soul.

CANNED COFFEE AND KIMONOS hits the big-time!

We share Tom Fitzmaurice’s pride in having his wonderful book about Japan reaching number 71 in the top Amazon Travel books.

Another Amazing Review of Yellow Star – Red Star by Holocaust survivor Dr Agnes Kaposi

An enthusiastic appreciation of the book by a member of the press.

Interview with Michael Levenson, author of Gunty’s War

He says he is ‘old’ but boy! What a book Michael has written!

Wonderful Professionals – Can’t recommend highly enough!

A huge thank you to Lionel and his wonderful team at i2i publishing for all their hard working getting my book, The Self Improver, to print.

Great new site for great Publishing company

Hello Lionel,

Congratulations on the launch of your new website. I have had a little browse and I must say it gives me a warm and cosy feeling to be part of this venture.

Author Congratulations

Dear Lionel

Congratulations on new web site, it says it as it is. I hope it works well for you. Annie and I have always appreciated your enthusiasm, encouragement and honesty.

Prestwich dad writes book during lockdowns about how 30 famous people overcame adversity.

A father-of-five from Manchester has used lockdown to write a book about how famous people from recent history overcame adversity in their lives – which he hopes will help others through challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yellow Star – Red Star

Yellow Star Red Star is the poignant memoir of Dr Agnes Kaposi, a Hungarian-born British engineer, educator, author and Holocaust survivor. Dr Agnes Kaposi FREng was born in Hungary in 1932, a year before Hitler came to power.

Fracture Alert! Society coming apart at the seams?

We did not need pandemic to remind us of the fractures in society. But it has not made things any better! Wherever you look there are profound questions: How to handle the double-edged sword of social media? Can we separate cultural identity from nationalism? Will gender wars ever end? How to cope with trauma? And perhaps most obvious of all: Why has politics become so polarised – can’t we agree to disagree anymore?

October/November news from author Elizabeth Jade

Many of you will have had a stressful time over recent months, whether it’s been adjusting to new situations at school, financial concerns, and so on. This has resulted in some people struggling with their mental health for the first time or finding their existing anxiety or depression amplified. As someone who has struggled in this area since their teens, I really do understand how hard that can be. I also understand how hard it can be to talk about it, but it is so important to do just that. By supporting each other, we can all get through this together.

My Journey – Samantha West

Hi loves, I hope you’re all doing really well.

I wanted to talk to you directly here about how I came to be an author, as my story may encourage you to know that something magical can truly happen to anyone at any time.

Book Signing – Amanda Ware

On Saturday 16th March Amanda Ware signed copies of her books, Please can you get in the car and Please can you put your shoes on at WH Smith in the Trafford Centre. If you want to pick up copies of her books yourself they can be found here;

London Book Fair 2019

Calling all i2i authors, readers and followers of the i2i website!
It is London Book Fair this week at Olympia from Tuesday 12 March to Thursday the 14th.

Murder by Degrees, The Origin

Murder by Degrees’ had two origins. The first was that, as a student and then while working amongst academics, I was often struck by the discrepancy between an admirable minority and the majority when it came to intelligence and human virtues. Many of the majority obviously thought themselves admirable.

Exotic? Exshmotic?

’m an Australian citizen, I live in Australia, my family lives here, I pay taxes here and I write about what I’m familiar with, geographically.

So my stories are set in Australia. They have Australian locations and they’re mainly around the Sydney area. It’s where I live.

How important is cover design?

Having spent many frustrating hours creating a story, typing it out, proofreading the text and then sweating on getting the darned thing published, I suppose anything that helps to sell the book is important and cover design certainly helps in that regard!

Maddie and the King of Paradise

Well, after a rather cold and wet end to November, the Summer seems to have finally arrived in Sydney!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all’s well with the world….well up to a point!

My book ‘Maddie and the King of Paradise’ has just been published and I’m hopeful that lots of people will buy it and everybody will enjoy it.

Cliff Slade – My Journey

What a journey!  My journey turned into a book with the help of Lionel Ross and i2i publishing. One year ago I started to write my book ‘Behind and Beyond the letters’.  That was the easy part.

The Rose of September – Reviews

We have received some wonderful reviews for The Rose of September. We have picked out some of our favourites for you below.

Society of Authors Literary Awards and Summer Party

I attended the Society of Authors Literary Awards and Summer Party last Thursday at the RIBA in Portland Place, London. Billed as the writing awards ‘for authors by authors’, such a gathering was bound to be a success. The RIBA’s great gallery enhanced it of course, but a collection of more than 400 writers would make such an event go with a swing in an underground shelter.

Unveiling Arabia – Review

Sahera’s second work of autobiography finds our local heroine swapping the rain and home comforts of Yorkshire for a year’s adventure and no rain in Saudi Arabia.  Equipped with her natural spirit of adventure and motivated by the religious significance of the region, she lands a teaching job at a new primary school in Jeddah, living in freshly-built residential accommodation, and working alongside a pool of newly-recruited fellow teachers from the UK and South Africa.

Man O’ The World – The Story

Imagine having it all. Good looks, personality, confidence, along with a certain presence, well that’s what as a young man Ray Taylor is blessed with. However Ray can’t help himself, he has an inbuilt self-destruct button simmering just below the surface.

Mackerel, The Journey

The exciting story of how Mackerel, the ship’s cat on the Jolly Daisy saved the ship and its entire crew from imprisonment or worse!

Journeys with open eyes

My name is Sahera Patel, writer of I’m not a Celebrity I am a Muslim and Unveiling Arabia. Being an author with i2i publishing is a wonderful privilege as I get the opportunity to meet other authors as well as work closely with Lionel Ross.

‘Pushing Boundaries’ at the Historical Novel Society in NYC

When Loretta Goldberg from the NYC Chapter of the Historical Novel Society invited me to be part of a panel celebrating unusual protagonists, ‘Pushing Boundaries’, I leapt at the chance. I would be on a panel with authors, Linda Trice and Jeanne Mackin. Linda Trice, author of Charles Drew: Pioneer of Blood Plasma, and Jeanne Mackin, author of The Beautiful American, Dreams of Empire and The Queen’s War, and I would be discussing be discussing our latest published books.