Are you a self-publishing company?

No, we are book publishers. If you think about it, self-publishing means doing it yourself and we do all the work with your manuscript to make it into a book.

Are you just book printers?

No. Printing is only a small part of what we do. We format your manuscript into an agreed page size. We edit it, insert photos or other illustrations, claim copyright for you, design a great cover for your book, register it, organise sales distribution, produce a separate e-Book (Kindle) version, and then we print it.

Do you edit my manuscript?

Yes, we have a team of editors who will carefully check your work for punctuation, grammar and spelling. Then we will make sure there are no mistakes in the way the story is told. Believe it or not, we have found places in stories where minor characters die and then suddenly re-appear later on in the story.

Will you accept any book, whatever the condition of the manuscript?

No. We have been known to accept a great story in a manuscript full of spelling and punctuation mistakes. However, if we don’t think a manuscript could ever be made into a saleable book, I am afraid it would be rejected. There are other factors to consider. We will never accept stories containing racist, offensive or other prejudicial material.

Do you design covers?

We certainly doJust pay a visit to the ‘genres’ page and click on any field to see a series of the great covers our designers produce. With or without the author’s guidance!

Will I lose the copyright of my book if publishing with you?

No, never. I fact we claim copyright on your behalf and if subsequently you receive a film, TV or other media offer, we have no claim on the copyright. You wrote the work and it remain your property

What do you mean by Shared Risk?

We will never take-on a manuscript if we do not feel there is a good chance of the resultant book selling. However, there are no guarantees and that is why we make a modest charge.

Do you offer easier payment schemes?

Yes. We never expect authors to take on a financial liability that will cause them problems elsewhere in their budget. Payments can therefore be accepted over 3, 4, 5 months or even longer, if it helps, and these arrangements are always without interest. 

How long does it take from acceptance of my manuscript to the arrival of printed books?

An average of about three months. This largely depends on the quality of the writing and what problems the editor encounters. We have been known to deliver printed books just six weeks from acceptance of manuscript but that is something we don’t promise.

I see you provide free copies (usually 50) of the book to the author. Is there a carriage charge for this?

No, these are delivered free to your home even if you live at the other end of the world, such as in Australia.

Will my book be featured with full details on Amazon and other similar sites?

Yes. Our business is to publish and then sell books. We will ensure that it is available from all major sites and these include Amazon UK, Waterstones and WH Smith. Many of our authors also want their books to be available in the USA and we therefore supply (USA).

Can my friends buy my book from local book shops?

Yes. We supply Gardners the major book wholesaler and virtually all independent book shops obtain their supplies from them.

Will my book be advertised?

Yes. Every book we publish is promoted on all major social media sites. As most book purchases now occur on the internet, that is where we advertise them.

Do you illustrate books for children?

We certainly do. If you visit ‘children’ under the ‘genres’ section, you will see many examples of books we have illustrated. Alternatively, we sometimes accept beautifully illustrated stories where the illustrations have been provided by the author or friends.