Another of our authors expresses appreciation of i2i

I have been made to feel profoundly welcome in the publishing world by Lionel Ross of i2i Publishing. Quick to forgive my shortcomings as a complete beginner in the art of writing, it was he who first delved into my original draft and gave me the thumbs up, so I shall always remain grateful for his confidence in my idea. Huge thanks are due to Roy Clayton, my assigned editor, who contended with my previously undiagnosed aversion to hyphenation and bravely ploughed through my script to reveal numerous errors and teaching me some subtle nuances of our beautiful language along the way. I cannot recommend i2i Publishing highly enough and I am extremely grateful for their professional yet personable approach.

Steve Dunthorne author of Blurring the Edges. Buying, assembling, and teaching myself to use a Tormach.