My name is Edwin George Plalickal and I am twelve years old. I wrote this book when I was eleven and it took me just two months to write it. I finished it on July 23rd 2020. I wrote the book because I am interested in space and I want to share my knowledge with lots of other people of all ages. My dad supported me throughout this book. My brother and my mum encouraged me to complete it. My other hobbies are football and cricket. I have been learning more about space since I was eight years old. My ambition when i grow up is to be a scientist. I hope this book will give all who read it, lots of knowledge about space.

IBSN - 978-1-8382744-1-2

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Follow Zodee and Zomee in all their adventures in Nowhere Town. You can hear about all the strange new friends they make.

IBSN - 9781838274474

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The Story of a big, bold tom-cat, tamed by a little baby girl.
IBSN - 978-1-8382223-6-9 

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The Hamantashen Hero by Ben Simon Lazarus

Yossi’s plan to earn money for helping the poor and needy in his town runs into a big snag. He’s almost ready to give up and disappoint his teacher, Mr. Goldberg. 

Luckily, there’s a new superhero in town – the Hamantashen Hero! But are his special powers enough to save the day? Will the bake sale with Grandmother’s pastries meet with success? 

This is an amusing tale about Purim and the tasty treats often enjoyed for that holiday. The adventure highlights positive Jewish values of love, kindness, and the importance of never giving up. 

We follow our young friend, Yossi, as he journeys through the annual festival. Standing by his side throughout the story, we see him learn important lessons about the interesting world he lives in and about himself as a person.

IBSN - 978-1-8382744-2-9

Price - £6.99

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ROUX by John Stirling 

These matters are of importance to accept before handing the findings to more analytical minds, to read in the hope of presenting solutions.

It was on the balcony at Hampton Court Palace that the work was done quietly, discreetly in what Thomas Wolsey referred to as ‘The Silent Get Together’. Visually exciting, verbally incoherent and there for everyone to see – a unique format for success.

Henry VIII would not allow freedom of speech. All discourse had to be in obeyance of an order, whether acceptable or not. Criticism was banished, suggestions discouraged or in most cases forbidden. Time allocated simply for acclamation and flattery. Henry’s wealth was his comfort, ownership his power, dominance his acceptance, philanthropy his quest. The young king was renowned for revelling in undisputed control, an overriding criterion that painted his life colourful and entertaining. Exciting to a nation, his popularity gaining unequalled degrees of admiration. There is little doubt that Roux experienced the best years with the young Tudor King of England. A time of unprecedented wealth allowed for the conception of creative adventures, in turn generating larger than life characters. Fortunes were welcomed for extraordinary projects and designs, leaving a legacy of unsurpassed grandeur in which the next generation could delight.

IBSN - 978-1-8382223-7-6 

Price - £11.95

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Welcome to The Rainbow Kangaroo Family who live in Australia. This is their first story, and in the future, they will go on many other adventures across the world.

Each character  is based upon a member of my family. This story has been told to my grandchildren with great excitement and an awakening of their imagination whilst driving through the outback of Australia.

Let your imagination  run wild and I hope you all enjoy this story as much as my grandchildren did.

Linda Wilkinson

IBSN - 978-1-8382223-0-7 

Price - £6.99

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Dawn Headley was born in Lancaster in 1963, one of six children. She always enjoyed entertaining her nieces and nephews by telling them stories.

This book is inspired by her garden and all the creatures that visit it. She loves to sit there just watching the birds, bees and butterflies flying around doing their daily things. A small mouse sometimes visited hoping some bird seed may be available. A spider lives in the garden shed. She named them Sammy and Molly and thought they would make great characters for a book. And this was how, with a little imagination, Sammy and the Wise Willow were born.

 ISBN - 9781838222345.

Price - £7.99.

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Meet Lifeguard Rob and Lifeguard Jen. They work at the swimming pool. They keep everyone safe. They also teach children to swim.

Price - £5.99

IBSN - 978-1-9163789-3-3 

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This is the delightful tale of Jay, the blackbird who woke up the nest It tells children the importance of being considerate to others in their home and not venturing away from the safe environment of the family, however tempting that may be.

Price - £6.99

IBSN - 9781916378919

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When one of Santa's reindeers is unable to pull the sleigh, our hero, Cracker the Fearless Alpaca comes to the rescue and saves the day.

Price - £6.99

IBSN - 978-1-8380929-0-0

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Evelyn Stickland was born into a family of seventeen children in Southampton.  She herself had three children and is the proud grandmother to nine grandchildren and now, eight great-grandchildren. She has a natural affinity with the young which enabled her to foster many other children during her career.   

She became a teacher and has now lived in Morecambe for 16 years. She states she would not wish to live anywhere else and regards it as a great place to be.

Evelyn has told many stories to children over the years, but only decided to start to write them down late in life. In this, she has been greatly encouraged by her husband.

Price - £6.99

IBSN - 978-1-8380464-0-8

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Sophie the Workboat leaves the Nursery is this first in a series of books featuring Sophie and her friends Jasper, Ronald and Scamp. They all live on the Big River and have lots of adventures with other boats and ships. Sophie is a very happy, friendly Workboat who is  always keen to learn and make friends along the Big River. Another friend is Old Puffer who used to sail to the islands to deliver everything from newspapers to groceries and coal but now works on the Big River carrying stores between the little villages lining the river. Sophie’s human friends, Simon and Gail, built her and keep her looking spick and span but her best human friend is Corey; the little boy who looks after her every single day.

Price- £6.99

IBSN- 9781916309722

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Zak is now the target of the delays he used to inflict on his parents (see: Please Can You Put Your Shoes On and Please Can You Get In The Car ) when his puppy Molly ignores his pleas to have her lead put on.

IBSN- 9781916309784

Price- £5.99

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The heart-wrenching sequel to Akea - The Power of Destiny. Akea is no ordinary husky and taking her place as Wolf Queen was just the first step in the journey set out for her by the Great Wolf. Akea's world turns upside down when humans raid their home, scattering  the pack and capturing her hybrid son. Salvador struggles to adjust to a life in captivity quickly realising not everyone approves of his mother's rise to Wolf Queen. When the Great Wolf sends him warning dreams, Salvador discovers his true purpose for being there.

IBSN- 9781916228597

Price- £6.99

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More stories about naughty Teddy Bear Mrs Paws and the scrapes she gets into. 

Price: £6.99

IBSN: 9781916106697

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Little Billy is determined to sprout wings and fly. Price: £5.99. IBSN: 9781916106611.

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The story of a stray dog rescued in Barbados and brought back to the UK

Price: £5.99

IBSN: 9781916228566

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Norman the Snail and the climbThe first book in the series Norman the Snail, tells how, with great determination Norman reaches for the sky.

ISBN: 9781916106604

Price: £5.99

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A Little Helping HandSophie Williams works as a counsellor using the cognitive behavioural approach. This book is intended as a tool for parents, teachers and others, working with or supporting children. She believes it can be used as a foundation in getting children to relate, understand and send messages that requesting help and support is okay.

Sophie dedicates her time in the counselling room to working specifically with children and young people. Her approach is also influenced by the big heart and understanding that comes from herself, being a mum.

Sophie was inspired to put her book together as parents frequently ask for tips as to how best to support their child. It is also important to reassure the parent that it is okay to not always know the answers and any little outside help can also help them!

Sophie has covered a number of emotions in the book such as anger, feeling anxious, low mood and happiness. The book also impacts on bullying and the importance of self-care and healthy management. Touching on some thoughts, feelings and behaviours that she often sees in the counselling room as a result of these emotions, she offers tasks for the child to engage in.

She hopes that giving the emotions characters, will be a helpful tool when working on managing them, helping a child to relate by offering a visual so that they recognize, challenge and learn how to self-manage in a healthy way.

Working with children emotionally struggling she has found the use of these tools to be invaluable.

Sophie is very family oriented which she feels allows her to give genuine care and understanding both in the counselling room and outside.

She loves to spend time with her own family and activities include walking and inviting friends to join them for her ‘scouse’ version of afternoon tea!

Sophie says in her inimitable manner – “A great care for children is me as the counsellor and as the mum.”

ISBN: 9781916500167

Price: £5.99

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Action in the Land of the Long White CloudAction in the Land of the Long White Cloud (Book 5 - Action Series) 

Skiing is fun but can be dangerous as Hugo discovers when he makes his emergency decision to help Sarah survive.

Nothing could have prepared him for what happened as a consequence – nothing.

ISBN: 9781916427150

Price: £6.99

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Meet the FamilyThe purpose of MEET THE FAMILY is to entertain, inform and expand vocabulary. In addition, the sub-text is one of hope and overcoming adversity, to embrace and celebrate difference. This introduction to the profiles of each canine character alludes to less easy times in their lives, that they narrate in their own unique way.

Marley, Woody and Loki have come together from very different backgrounds and have forged unbreakable sibling love. They have learned trust, tolerance and understanding and from this have flourished in their abilities to exhibit kindness, generosity and patience towards each other and the people they encounter. The book also confirms that many different cultures, traditions and differences can unite as family. On reflection, it is about acceptance of quirks, mannerisms and behaviours that make all of us, canine and human; truly special…

ISBN: 9781916500150

Price: £5.99

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Bubbly Bear & Moody Monster

A story that shows how children live within a world that has loving people and hurtful people. 

Just like Pip and Pep, all children need Bubbly Bears to care for them and to protect them from Moody Monsters.

ISBN: 9781916500105

Price: £5.99

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But Bats don't wear hatsJoseph Hobdell is primary school teacher from Oxfordshire, currently teaching in Malaysia. He regularly reads illustrated books to children at school to entertain and inspire learning. Taking inspiration from the books he has used in the classroom, Joseph has written the story But Bats Don't Wear Hats. After reading it to children between five and eight years old and receiving an overwhelming response, he decided to try and have the story published.  "I wanted to try and create a story which follows a journey that could be enjoyed by parents and children together" Joseph tells us.

ISBN: 9781916427181

Price: £5.99

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Action Down UnderCaving is creepy but falling into the black is terrifying.

This only happened after we’d escaped the fire.

This one’s a cliff-hanger

ISBN: 9781916427143

Price: £6.99

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Action Australia

Holidays in the outback were supposed to be boring

but snakes, cattle duffing and caves changed my mind.

I never knew how much danger lived in the bush.

Country life is something else. 

ISBN: 9781916427136

Price: £6.99

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Action IndiaHugo goes to India to discover a temple's history. He gets more than he bargained for from being lost to seeing an elephant take a terrible revenge. He moves through horror and fun until finally...

ISBN: 978-1-914271-2-9 

Price: £6.99

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Action Africa

Thirteen-year-old Hugo and his family travel to East Africa for a holiday.

Being a leopard's prey, then host to a man-eating bug wasn't what he expected.

When he encounters a blind boy and an elephant, things get really interesting.

Finally, he escapes a near-death experience and then ...

ISBN: 9781916427112

Price: £6.99

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SuperOwl is the story of Little Bro', a small owlet who is different from everyone else. He has Autism. In a magical garden world, he and his sister Harley meet wonderful and strange animals, encounter a dangerous falcon and rescue a tiny dormouse from a mysterious old house. The grand finale is the exciting Garden Owlympics .

Can Little Bro' and his team win gold medals? Who is SuperOwl?

You will be delighted by this enchanting tale of how, 'Being different makes you SUPER!'

ISBN: 978-1-9996623-3-2

Price: £6.99

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The exciting story of how Mackerel, the ship's cat on the Jolly Daisy saved the ship and its entire crew from imprisonment or worse!

ISBN: 978-1-9996623-5-6

Price: £5.99

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The sequel to The Other World - See below

Charlie decided to stay in The Other World after banishing Sanouver and everyone seems happier than they have ever been.

But not for long. Sanouver has a plan that will endanger them all and has recruited some incredibly frightening creatures, even more frightening than her army of the Haunters. Sanouver also manages to capture Steven, Charlie’s father, and tries to make him become her soldier.

Charlie will have to try and save The Other World, if his powers will allow him to do so.

ISBN: 978-1-9997646-6-1

Price: £6.99

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Nasser Kassim wrote this story to show children that those less fortunate than themselves need a hand. It is set in Africa but equally applies to Europe and everywhere else in the world. 

Price: £5.99

ISBN:  978-1-9997156-1-8


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Little Pea hears the cries of another vegetable and against his father's warnings, leaves the safety of the pod to go and help.The story follows his advetures with other vegetables under the watchful eye of a hungry mouse.


ISBN: 978-1-9999129-2-5

Price: £5.99

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Kellie Hamill has written this delightful book that will show children that the Bumblebee is the friend of nature.


ISBN: 978-1-9997156-7-0

Price: £5.99


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Meet Zak, a typical five-year-old who is far too busy to break away from all his exciting projects to go out with his father. Zak's father is a caring, and respectable parent who is slowly running out of patience. Feel the tension build and endure the frustration of a somewhat familiar situation as this tale with a moral unfolds. Will Zak get his comeuppance?

ISBN: 978-1-9997156-8-7


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From the day when she was born, Akea’s father knew that she was different; that she was destined for something great.

The lone wolf, Kazakh, had sensed it too and even though it was against pack law, he knew that he must help this young husky to be ready, no matter what the cost.


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ISBN: 978-0-9955729-8-0

Price: £6.99





Charlie had never been told or heard about The Other World, the magical and beautiful land from where Charlie originally came. That was until a furry, big, yellow-eyed creature named Tinst became trapped in Charlie’s world and convinced Charlie to enter his world with him. They both jumped into a huge portal that had formed in Charlie’s room.  Once there Tinst led Charlie straight to the Grawkles’ land where they were met by more Grawkles and lots of food. Trying to find his way home and save The Other World all rests in Charlie’s hands.

But what is the huge secret that Tinst and the rest of the Grawkles, together with Charlie’s parents, had kept from him? 

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ISBN: 978-0-9955729-7-3

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Daddy loves the Romans, Mummy the ancient Greeks, Little Fox just doesn't get it, He thinks his parents are geeks

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ISBN: 978-0-9955729-4-2


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Meet Zak, a typical five-year-old who is far too busy to carry out a mundane task like putting on his shoes. Meet his mother, a caring and respectable parent who is slowly running out of patience. Feel the tension build and endure the frustration of a somewhat familiar situation as this tale with a moral unfolds. Will Zak get his comeuppance? 

ISBN: 978-0-9955729-0-4

Price: £5.99





The delightful story of a naughty little shrew who decided he did not want to go to school and would play 'Pirates' at home all day instead


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ISBN: 978-0-9954805-3-7



The Mill Hill Billies are a bunch of junior school friends, full of normal pranks but totally committed to each other. After their first adventure in The Magic Coin it is a delight to be able to offer The Talking Skull. This involves a school trip to the west of Ireland where they discover some very sinister happenings that put the Billies in great danger.



  See Michael O'Malley's interview on Irish TV

   Price: £6.99


   ISBN: 978-0-9933714-2-4




The story of a little boy who hated to clean his teeth until something magical started to happen with his toothbrush

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ISBN: 978-0-9932432-7-1





The Mill Hill Billies were a bunch of junior school friends, full of normal pranks but totally committed to each other. Their lives were just like those of any other kids of their ages until they discovered a strange coin down on Pop’s allotment. The coin began to glow and what happened next was to give them the most amazing experience of their young lives.

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Price: £6.99

ISBN: 978-0-9929955-2-2






Come back to the farm With its Christmassy charm

Where that cool winter snow falls each day

There's more friends to see So please stay for tea

And presents and cake in the hay

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ISBN: 978-0-9929955-4-6 


In the Story of Fuzzy Buzzy, Maria Fuss has created a little elf who is endearing but not always well-behaved.  He lives in Elf Wood with his parents and a host of other charming characters. The real hero of this story is a senior elf called Mr Know-it-All. You can learn how he sets about righting a wrong that Fuzzy Buzzy has done while at the same time teaching an enduring lesson to the little elf and to all children who read this tale.

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Price: £5.99

ISBN: 978-0-9567668-6-1 



Come down to the farm

With its countryside charm

Where the warm summer sun shines each day

There's new friends to meet

Some moo and some bleat

You're welcome to visit and join in the fray

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Price: £6.99

ISBN: 978-0-9574346-5-3


Meet Ozwald Copperbottom, a family dog full of mischief, mayhem and adventure. Follow Ozzie, a master of disguise as he creates havoc, becomes a fugitive, yet amazingly he always manages to return to the safety of his home and the company of Frank his best friend and favourite Teddy. During his adventures meet the other little Characters that tag along with Ozzie and add their own sense of fun to his craving for excitement and to satisfy his insatiable appetite for tasty food.

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Price: £5.99

ISBN: 978-0-9926563-8-6 





Rosie McSlee & The Commoner’s Cold is the first in a series of delightful children’s books dealing with health matters. Debbie and Andrea have recognised that the best way for young children to learn the do’s and don’ts of a healthy life is through the medium of the rhyming stories they have written.

In The Commoner’s Cold children will learn that it is unacceptable behaviour for them to sneeze and splutter over their friends and classmates.  

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Price: £6.99

ISBN: 978-0-9932432-6-4


The Snugglewood Piggles are off to the moon! There's Goatly Nibble and he s going soon! Munchly Turtle wants to come too and Piggly Oink but he's lost a shoe!!!  

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Price: £5.99

ISBN: 978-0-9933714-0-0




Maxine Warner was definitely a child of the sixties, enjoying her first success by landing a record deal on the PYE label at the tender age of 16, under the name of Maxine Darren. (visit Youtube Maxine Darren) 

As her musical career progressed, she appeared at some of the top cabaret venues of the day. Maxine eventually fronted the very successful Lemon Tree Band, where she performed before members of the Royal family and at the world famous London Palladium. She also enjoyed numerous TV appearances, including BBC’s Children in Need and as a solo artiste on several children’s programmes, including, Song Book and Five 0’Clock Club. 

As a well established vocalist and entertainer, always striving for new challenges, Maxine has more recently refined her vocal range from, “Pop Singer” to “Opera Singer.” (visit Youtube Maxine Warner). 

Now with a grown up family, her grandchildren, Amber, Josh, Jayda, Annie and Willow, have inspired her so much to become a serious author and composer, that she has created dozens of stories and songs taken from everyday events.  

Maxine says: “This is how the concept of the delightful Tidderly Pops stories and characters was born, encouraging me to release this first edition as part of an ongoing series.” 

She then decided to approach former Lemon Tree member, keyboard player and accomplished musical arranger, Lynton Susman, who in his own studio, has created and developed, from Maxine’s original ideas and tunes, a full range of colourful and memorable orchestrations. 

With the music now well established, she then contacted professional vocalist and recording artiste, Barbara Hilton, who along with Maxine are the two voices you will hear on the Tidderly Pops CD. 

A percentage of the profits from this book will be going to The Tomas Leighton Charity Fund.

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Price: £6.99

ISBN: 978-0-9932432-2-6​