Cliff Slade – My Journey

What a journey!  My journey turned into a book with the help of Lionel Ross and i2i publishing. One year ago I started to write my book ‘Behind and Beyond the letters’.  That was the easy part.  The most challenging element of my journey was to source, decipher and understand the publishing industry! With agents, publishing houses, vanity publishers, self publishing, traditional publishing and the incredible array of varying publishing permutations that would become tiresome, rejecting and debilitating, I found and spoke to Lionel Ross and i2i publishing who asked for nothing and offered me everything in advice without any conditions even though at this stage I had become reticent, rude and straight talking with publishers. Lionel politely and informatively held my hand and we started to walk together, and I had found my partner to turn my raw manuscript into the reality of a book!

For me, integrity, partnership and teamwork are key to the finished product. With Lionel taking the leading role, my team assigned to me worked tirelessly as the momentum and vision stated to become reality. My manuscript with Gemma, assigned as my editor, bounced backwards and forwards as she worked with me to present my script into a flowing book as I conflicted with her to maintain my original expression into print and presentation. My vision for my book cover incredibly appeared in front of me as Matt Maguire designed the book cover exactly as I imagined it would be.

Finally with Lionel in attendance, the vision of my book launch became my reality as I presented my book to the world, and I saw my book on book shelves, as well as on all the online book stores such as Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles.

Thank you Lionel Ross and my i2i publishing team for turning my vision into a book.