Human, Mars, Exodus by J A Salaie

Human, Mars, Exodus by J A Salaie

Price: £10.95

ISBN – 9781914933189

After a horrible war destroyed the Earth’s ecosystem, a hundred astronauts were sent to Mars to build colonies on the Red Planet. After years of following orders, they wanted nothing more than to leave the foreign land and come home. Their superiors disagree, begging them to finish the Human Mars Exodus mission.

When secrets are revealed, the dynamic shifts and the boys choose to ignore the orders, deciding to return home on their own. Will they be able to defeat deadly Martian winds and find their way to salvation? Or will they fail and end up abandoned, or worse, buried on the Red Planet?

The Gifting by Bill East

The Gifting by Bill East

Price: £9.98

ISBN – 978-1-914933-36-3

‘The Gifting’ is a complex novel, concerning, as it does, a dead man’s arrival in Heaven – or is it Hell? (or maybe somewhere else.  It’s really a state rather than a place.)

We are with him on his post-mortem journey as he relates the story of his mortal existence from retirement to his violent death. So, effectively, we experience two autobiographies running side-by-side – one of our hero’s ‘afterlife’ and the other of his mortal existence.

It’ll make you think.

The conclusion is stunning.

Secret of Secrets – A Daisy Nook Story by Halal M Miah

Secret of Secrets – A Daisy Nook Story by Halal M Miah

Price: £9.95

ISBN- 978-1-914933-40-0

This is the first book by a talented young author with a very vivid imagination. It describes the experiences of highly intelligent students from a College in Oldham each hand-picked by a new teacher of Folklore, Myths, and Legends who go on a camping trip to a forest clearing called Daisy Nook. Daisy had lived there in the 1600s until she was burned at the stake during a witchcraft Inquisition. It transpires that the teacher is herself a witch with a desire for revenge, particularly against a vampire entombed in a cave in Daisy Nook for several centuries.

In a gripping and complex plot, the students are forced into dozens of encounters with all manner of black magic, monsters and mythical creatures including The Greens, The Black Annis, elves, goblins, and ghouls. These fights are described in minute detail and frequently involve levitation, tele-transportation, and psychokinesis. The ultimate duel, which culminates in the use of a guillotine coffin, is with the vampire of Daisy Nook, a relation of no less than Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory! Ultimately the book explores the interaction between humans and other beings with paranormal powers in parallel worlds, including close associates of the students, but the other beings do exist.

Conquest Agarta by Aeon Solo

Conquest Agarta by Aeon Solo


Price: Paperback £8.95

ISBN- 978-1-9162285-0-4

The Lord Archon, Enki, from the system Alpha Draconis, colonised the unchartered world of Agarta, after escaping the Alliance during the Great Battle for Alpha Draconis.


The residents of Agarta, a medieval society, called their planet, ‘home’. With his human servants at his side, Archon spread war across the planet. His most prized human servant Anu-Krai, King of the Knights of Anu, headed the conquest with another. Anu-Krai had been abducted as a child. He soon discovered a wonderous human woman who claimed to be the Earth itself. She told him his world was merely encased in a simulated prison; his entire universe, a façade. There was no escape, even in death.


He followed the seeds of truth before him, he yearned for it, suffering for his choices. His loyalties were tested. A planetary war, a galactic war, a universal war. In the end one must ask; how much are you willing to sacrifice, to save that which you love?


Author Aeon Solo is a new sci-fi / fantasy author. He is heavily into the styles of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. He loves to explore the weird and wonderful nature of the universe, transferring seeds of truth across his fictional stories.


Aeon hopes people will both enjoy and perhaps learn or gain a desire to learn the interesting concepts put forth in the stories. He doesn’t read, so it was a shock to him when he suddenly churned out these stories, pulling them from the ether somewhere. He hopes to publish more in the future.


‘There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers, there are places to go beyond belief’ – Neil Armstrong.


Twitter: @AeonSolo Email: [email protected] Facebook: Aeon Solo / Aeon Solo Author (Page).

PapRise: A Story of Growth and Betrayal by Adam R. Mathews

PapRise: A Story of Growth and Betrayal by Adam R. Mathews


Price: Paperback £9.98, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-1-916106-6-3

As he fled the Red Army in the winter of 1956, Zoltán Papp couldn’t have dreamt that his invention would spawn the greatest company ever seen. But even as his name adorned the world’s tallest tower, Papp had seen little of PapCorp’s riches. And he wasn’t the only one.


In the Manchester township of Rusholme, Minnie Brownlow had no interest in the Zoltán Papp Tower as it rose over the Bio-dome roofs. It was all she could do to avoid it, while a thousand miles south the Talavera family hadn’t seen the news for years. When finally, they returned from exile in the mountains, they found their home cut off by a PapCorp advert for aliens.


Hope came in the form of the Radical Alliance of Socialist and anti-Capitalist Associations on the Left, or RASCAL. But with PapCorp infiltrators everywhere, what hope was there?


PapRise straddles historical and futuristic fiction as it tells five stories bound up in PapCorp, the world’s greatest corporation.


Author Adam R. Mathews is a novelist and a teacher, a scientist and a cyclist. Equally at home managing language schools or running degrowth workshops, he is an incessant traveller and a keen localist.


After the concept of an all-pervasive corporation came to him while walking in Manchester’s Whitworth Park, Adam spent a decade stewing on his neo-liberal dystopia before he started to write. In that time, he lived across Europe, from Budapest to Madrid, immersing himself in the cultures, quirks and social movements of his adopted homes.


Adam weaves his experiences into his writing, to make fiction that challenges the shortcomings of neo-liberalism. His first novel Pap came out in 2016, but the foundation tale PapRise is the book he always wanted to write. He recently moved back to the UK in order to promote his work. Find out more at

Angels & Boars by Heather Jadhav

Angels & Boars by Heather Jadhav


Price: Paperback £8.95, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-1-9165001-1-2

In rural Yorkshire, a traffic accident starts a whole new series of events in our living world and the afterlife and seven-year-old Jack knows what he has to do. He runs away from the Angel of Death.


Garth Thorpe also wants to hide before he’s found out, but Jack has help from the Angel of Justice. They are on his case. Forensics officer Anjali Mistri is planning to run away. She has a secret which could tear her family apart. Divorced police officer Will likes living with Anjali. He’s becoming more aware of his previous lives and remembers a friend who’s helped him before. He recognises the eyes, as dark as Whitby jet but now he must fight to keep her.


Maybe a night in the woods isn’t going to see the justice Jack is planning? In the aftermath Will and Anjali find their relationship pushed to the limits.


Now it’s Jack’s job to bring them together but will the Angels help or hinder?


Author Heather Jadhav grew up in West Yorkshire. Coming from the days when you made your own entertainment, she spent many hours tramping the moors, woods and riverbanks.


She always wanted to become a nurse and in 1979 crossed the Pennines and trained at Blackburn Royal Infirmary following in her mother s footsteps. While still a student she met her husband and went on to raise a family in the Ribble Valley. In 2014, after thirty-four years working for the NHS, she decided it was time for a change of direction and joined her husband in enjoying the freedom his retirement afforded.


From childhood, Heather has always had stories playing over in her head and now had the opportunity to spend time capturing them and turning the idle thoughts into something more concrete. Her literary heroes are the Brontes and Terry Pratchett, which probably explains a lot. Having travelled widely, read extensively and worked as a practice nurse, Heather has drawn her ideas from a wide panorama of places and life s bittersweet experiences. These are sprinkled with a little mysticism, a smidgen of fantasy and a dry sense of humour.

Magician and Fool by Susan Wands

Magician and Fool by Susan Wands


Price: Paperback £8.95, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-1-9997646-7-8

Pamela Colman Smith begins her career as an artist at the end of the Victorian Age at the Lyceum Theatre, where she grows from innocent empath to seer and channeler, creating her now world-famous deck of tarot cards.


Introduced to The Golden Dawn cult by Bram Stoker, the second in command at the Lyceum Theatre, she is commissioned to create a tarot deck for the members to use in their quest for magic. Golden Dawn’s most evil member, Aleister Crowley, becomes obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the Tarot.


His obsession peaks when he sees the power of her deck and realizes he can create a rival deck, leading him to manifest magical power to harm Pamela’s incarnates of her cards.


Author Susan Wands is a writer and an actress who has written plays, independent film scripts and historical novels. Magician and Fool, the historical fiction novel based on Pamela Colman Smith, has been a work in progress for eight years.


Her literary stage works include Lady Under Parasol, The Carriage Proposal, and an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. She wrote many original pieces for the New York performance group The Red Room.


A graduate of the University of Washington, her career as an actress has spanned from Broadway to television to regional theatres throughout the United States. She finds special inspiration in the lives of women artists.