Journeys With Open Eyes

Author: Sahera Patel

My name is Sahera Patel, writer of I’m not a Celebrity I am a Muslim and Unveiling Arabia. Being an author with i2i publishing is a wonderful privilege as I get the opportunity to meet other authors as well as work closely with Lionel Ross.

Although I enjoy reading, life often restricts just how intensely I can absorb myself in to the words and world of another writer, but our current spell of beautiful, sunny weather has prompted holiday mode, and I have found myself buying a single piece of garden furniture to be used solely for the purpose of reading.

And my choice of words? Journeys with open eyes by my fellow author, Hugh Roberts. I am currently half way through the book and am thoroughly fascinated by the experiences, conversations and situations that the author describes with such relevant detail and humour. The purpose is to create empathy with humanity, and it certainly does that. I feel the true life characters and their situations. The opportunity to empathise without judgement is certainly evident despite the fact that some of the people Hugh Roberts meets are questionably racist, fascist, sexist or all of the previous combined.

Without any bias, I would highly recommend this read…and I am only half way there! When writing offers escapism, a different reality, and a peek in to a world that the reader has little knowledge or experience of, it has fulfilled its role as a piece of entertainment. Here here to the holiday sunshine!