The Hidden Tree by Valton Brown

The Hidden Tree by Valton Brown

Price: £18.98

ISBN: 978-1-914933-84-4

Do you believe that we have discovered the key to immortality, poverty, equality, disease, happiness, economic stability, and climate change? If yes, then you may also believe that humanity’s success is due to human evolution and a global transition called ‘the era of Homo Deus’ (the era of the ‘man god’).  If your answer is no, then you are probably among those that are confused by the state of the world and the conflicting messages in the pulpit.

The Hidden Tree is an examination of this and other philosophies that are the fuel of the largest global transition since the industrial revolution. Using the metaphor of a tree we explore the historical, out-of-sight root system and its evolutionary origin while looking forward to its purpose and goal through the use of God technology, dark intel and the tools of self-determination (humanism).

Are we the result of an evolutionary process, or have we been duped into believing the technological  revolution and other global transitions have successfully moved us towards a better future?

The Road From Kharkiv by Katheryna Fedorova

The Road From Kharkiv by Katheryna Fedorova

Price: £11.98

ISBN: 978-1-914933-58-5

The Road from Kharkiv: A Journey of Pain in Pursuit of Love, God and Sense is a story of the author’s spiritual development as she dealt with a life-threatening situation of extreme adversity.

At first hand, Katheryna Fedorova and her family faced the terrifying experience of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Based in Kharkiv, the family decided to leave their home and flee westwards to find safety from the bombing and the fighting.

Katheryna and her family commenced their long trip, beginning an uncertain, stressful and challenging odyssey. Taking up offers, often from well-meaning strangers and unknown organisations, received from her extensive network of contacts on social media, the family found refuge in various places in Ukraine, Romania and Austria.

Throughout the trip, Katheryna’s faith kept her going and helped her look after her family while still assisting other people along the way. Through it all, Katheryna’s spiritual views and beliefs evolved as her interactions with others presented the opportunities for life lessons to be learned.

The Road from Kharkiv: A Journey of Pain in Pursuit of Love, God and Sense will appeal to those interested in spiritual and personal development; how to deal with adversity; the philosophy of life; and those keen to read a first-hand experience of the Ukraine-Russian war.



From Ukraine, Kathryna Fedorova is an English teacher, life coach, businesswoman, photographer, writer and poet. Before the war, she ran her English school in Kharkiv for twelve years. Now, she runs it online from Austria where she is living with her husband and three children. Through her spiritual and religious beliefs and her views on life philosophy, she is committed to her mission of helping others to make their lives better. She has published three books in Ukraine. This book is her first in English.

Coming soon.

Wildest Dreams by Sarah Duff

Wildest Dreams by Sarah Duff

Price: £9.95

ISBN: 978-1-914933-39-4

Our world is a turbulent and uncertain place and many of us are seeking answers but reading all the self-help books and going on the many retreats, in an attempt to find inner peace, doesn’t always give us what we are seeking. If this sounds like something you have been struggling with, then know you are not alone.

My journey has had its ups, downs and a whole lot in between and sometimes all we truly need is someone to explain their experiences to help us navigate our own path.

I won’t pretend I am morally perfect; I am a sinner in a broken world. Where I have been exposed to darkness, I have used my own inner light to battle it and I now find myself in a place where I want to help you make sense of this world gone mad, giving you inspiration on how to flourish, during this thing called life.

I am a butterfly woman. I have changed and grown and become something so beautiful, that I’m not sure the old me would recognise anymore. I will continue to lead my simple and peaceful life, knowing that I am enough, dropping into my intuitive intelligent heart and spreading my wings to fly. Delve in and accompany me on this ride, cosmic womb man.

Spiritual Illumination in the Modern World-Through the Lens of Torah & Mitzvot by Dr Jeffrey Cummings

Spiritual Illumination in the Modern World-Through the Lens of Torah & Mitzvot by Dr Jeffrey Cummings

Price: £16.95

ISBN: 978-1-914933-24-0

Can we understand G-D and his creation?

What is man’s role in creation?

How does G-D oversee his creations and to what final purpose?

Spiritual Illumination in the Modern World was conceived as a work of Jewish outreach and targeted to help connect those who feel distant from G-D and uninspired by the practices of the religion, regardless of level of observance. For the committed Spiritual Seeker there is a strong emphasis on the Jewish Mystical tradition – the Kabbalah – which has so much to offer in addressing the big questions in life.

The book emphasises the vibrancy and spiritual uplift at the heartbeat of Judaism – the Torah and the Mitzvot. It is written in a distinctly modern idiom by an Orthodox Jewish scientist, without cutting corners or relying on oversimplifications. Notwithstanding, to aid clarity in understanding interspersed throughout are helpful Figures, Graphics, Tables, Visualisations and Summaries. In addition, most Chapters begin with a short recapitulation of the previous chapter in order to instil a sense of continuity and progression. Another feature is that most of the chapters were crafted to be potentially stand-alone self-contained units.

After an Introduction, the work opens by asking the tantalising question: Is Science on the verge of Discovering G-D? followed by addressing perhaps the greatest paradox faced in Jewish Philosophy (Hashkafa): Why did G-D create a physical world populated by a species like mankind, the majority of whom deny His very existence? By adopting visualisations, metaphors and allegories, an ambitious attempt is made to impart insights into the Oneness of the Creator (Hashem, may He be blessed) and His Creations, focussing on the Supernal Worlds, G-D’s Emanations (via the Sephirot) as well as governance of our physical existence. Man, defined as a composite of the physical and Spiritual, is represented as an ongoing conflict of opposing emotional forces – the good inclination versus the evil inclination – the outcome of which has cosmic ramifications. As the book reaches its climax, the focus turns to the Torah and Mitzvot to expose infinite levels of depth, many of which are accessible to man. The final chapter touches on the Torah and Science debate and eschatology, the end of days, our present era. The work completes by offering practical advice towards Spiritual Illumination carefully selected from several of the Great Figures in Jewish thought throughout the ages including: the Rambam, the Arizal, the Ramchal, the Vilna Gaon, the Rebbes of Lubavitch and Rav Kook.

The Sermons & Torah Thoughts of Rabbi Irwin Landau by Rabbi Irwin Landau

The Sermons & Torah Thoughts of Rabbi Irwin Landau by Rabbi Irwin Landau

Price: £19.95

ISBN: 978-1-8380929-4-8

After the death of his father, Rabbi Irwin Landau in 1969, his son David Landau often spoke about his idea of publishing his father’s sermons. Unfortunately, David was unable to achieve this in his lifetime. However, David’s widow Angela and the family were determined to see this through to fruition and for that we must all thank them.

The Rabbi’s sermons combine current affairs, within the context of Jewish life in the United Kingdom, along with the weekly Parashat HaShavuah and the Jewish holidays. This provides a detailed historical record of the matters, both national and international that were of serious concern to British and indeed world Jewry in those days.

It must be remembered that this was a momentous period in Jewish history. The Jewish people were still reeling from the catastrophe of the Shoah, while the fledging State of Israel was at the same time inspiring a miraculous renaissance.

There will be many families today whose forebears were members of the Gladstone Park and Neasden Synagogue in London, where Rabbi Landau was Minister for some twenty-five years. Many of the descendants of celebrants of Barmitzvahs, Weddings and other significant occasions, will be fascinated to learn of the Rabbi’s personal addresses to their forebears on those occasions.

Rabbi Landau’s sermons and Torah insights provide a record of what virtually encapsulated Jewish life in the United Kingdom in the mid-twentieth century and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy them and to allow succeeding generations to appreciate their ever-increasing historical value.

Keeping up with Time by Anisur Rahman

Keeping up with Time by Anisur Rahman

Price: £12.95

ISBN: 978-1-8384686-1-3

Do black holes form links to other universes or are they the mothers of new Big Bangs? Is rising global population with improved standards of living the implicit cause of environmental catastrophe? Can religion and science ever be compatible?

These questions and many more are explored in Keeping up with Time. Dr Anisur Rahman, a retired nuclear safety specialist, has compiled 43 of his previously published articles on science and technology, global issues and religion. Intending to challenge readers’ perceptions of truth and reality, the author presents scientific theories, technical data and historical facts in a highly readable style. The individual articles are short and thought-provoking, with complex topics explained clearly and concisely, using verified facts and unbiased analysis. The book is complemented by over 60 photographs and illustrations.

Scientific topics range from Newton to Einstein and include black holes, quantum mechanics and gravitational waves.

Global issues include the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nelson Mandela’s life story, climate change, and a discussion of Orwellian dystopia.

Religious topics include science and Islam, religion and morality, and the brutality of religious fanaticism.

Issues relating to the partition of India and Bengal and the creation of Pakistan and later Bangladesh are also discussed.

Covering a wide range of subject matter and current affairs, Keeping up with Time will doubtless inspire lively debate and further study among its readers.

Spiritual Evolution by Kamaljit Ryatt

Spiritual Evolution by Kamaljit Ryatt

Price: £19.99

ISBN: 978-1-8383868-5-6

The creation of a conscious self, possessing a degree of autonomy and free will, is a pre-requisite for life to grow and evolve, as no life can exist without a centre of consciousness.  This acts as both guardian and guide in each sentient and non-sentient being.  This centre of consciousness (‘Jīvātmāṅ’, ‘Man’/‘Mun’ or conscious self) comes into being when the creator (‘Ātmāṅ’, ‘Parmātmāṅ’ or the Primal Soul) interacts with, and partially expresses itself as a surrogate of itself, functioning within the physical body.  One’s conscious self, within the confines of the allotted degree of autonomy, free will and endowed attributes, creates a sense of self within the physical body, enabling it to achieve its maximum potential according to its innate nature, ever-changing world view and its interactions with the empirical world.  This is at the heart of the evolutionary process which created diversity from unity and the simplest to the most complex forms of life, with human beings, as they are now, at the pinnacle of this process.

However, an individual’s conscious self, innate nature, and world view (ego-consciousness) remain divergent from that of the creator (God-consciousness).  The goal of human beings is, therefore, to realise and perceive God-consciousness in action in the universe and to align and harmonise perfectly with it in one’s lifetime.  This what Gurū Nānak, the founder of the Sikh religion, expresses in the first stanza of ‘Jap(u)’ in the Srī Gurū Graṅth Sāhib – the ‘living Gurū’ and the holy Sikh scripture.  Spiritual Evolution focuses on the process of achieving this goal, exploring, and explaining, in detail, the verses of ‘Jap(u)’ and the steps which lead to an understanding of one’s ‘real self’ and, ultimately, to perfect alignment with God-consciousness.

The Adversity Formula: Inspirational Lessons from History by Steven Mason

The Adversity Formula: Inspirational Lessons from History by Steven Mason


Price: Paperback £14.95, Kindle £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-8382223-5-2

Early in the 2020 pandemic, author Steven Mason, seeking inspiration to help cope during the Covid-19 crisis, began to examine the lives of some of the great personalities from history. After considerable research, he discovered that many of these individuals had overcome significant adversity on their path to success. After sharing these stories with others, he was inspired to write this book.

The Adversity Formula: Inspirational Lessons from History reviews the lives of thirty remarkable characters from history to see how they dealt with adversity. The book goes onto provide a formula that readers can themselves apply to their own lives. Selected mainly from the 20th Century, the fifteen men and fifteen women, include scientists, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, politicians, entertainers, sports stars and war heroes.

The list contains well-known names like Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney but also features lesser-known profiles of Virginia Hall, Irena Sendler and Victor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who, after his experiences in the concentration camps, developed a therapy to find meaning and purpose in adversity.

The book looks at the adversity these greats faced, what they achieved despite it, but also, how they dealt with adversity, often using it to their advantage. Their coping mechanisms are summarised in five characteristics for each individual and packaged into a general formula for tackling life’s problems. The conclusion found within these pages is that it is often how people respond to adversity, that can determine successful outcomes.

The Adversity Formula: Inspirational Lessons from History will be particularly relevant to those interested in self-development, especially during difficult times, as well as those with a love of history. The book offers hope in the face of life’s major challenges.

Author Steven Mason is a licensed insolvency practitioner by profession, one in which he has seen his fair share of distress during the pandemic. Living in Manchester, England, he is a married father of five. Outside work, he enjoys and values time with his family, his love of sport and especially, his love of history. He has a BA (Hons) degree in International History and Politics from The University of Leeds and a Graduate Diploma in Law from Manchester Metropolitan University.

This book is his first and as well as using the subject to help people cope with challenging situations, he hopes to make history relevant to a broad audience, including those not usually interested in the past and the lessons that can be learned from it.

Waghiaghaz’Edo by Osazuwa Omede

Waghiaghaz’Edo by Osazuwa Omede


Price: Paperback £8.95

ISBN: 978-1-8380929-8-6

In this age of cultural awareness, it has become imperative to identify oneself with his culture as well as his spoken dialect.

This is necessary especially in a volatile country like Nigeria where the majority ethnic groups are preponderant over their minority counterparts and in so doing, reducing these groups to mere irrelevance. The persuasive inference one can draw from this, therefore, is that if these ethnic languages are left unused or sparsely used, they will fizzle out in the near future – and we will be worse for it.

Waghiaghaz’Edo in this respect, is a useful guide to learning the Edo, one of the minority tribal languages in Nigeria. It introduces readers to its alphabets, consonants as well as its pronunciation. In fact, call it a succinct appraisal of the cultural as well as ancestral heritage of the Edo people and you are not far from it. This book is a captivating work for his ethnic Edo tribe so much so that when you flip its first pages, you are spellbound to read it through to the end.

Author Osazuwa mede, a reserved and knowledgeable gentleman, is an historian, writer, photography enthusiast and a film producer based in the United Kingdom. He has deep interest in the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of his ancestral Ẹdo tribe and her people.

He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Oil and Gas Management from Plymouth University.

Some of his creations include: Wrong Desire (a movie), Odumamwẹn (a movie) as well as a Book entitled ‘Business and Privileges in Nigeria.’ Mr Ọmede is the Founder/President of Osazuwa Ọmede Multimedia based in the United Kingdom.

He is also a co-creator of Africa Couples Connect and the Osazuwa Ọmede Smile Project (an NGO). He is a reserved gentleman of ample knowledge.

Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot by Gary Marckwick

Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot by Gary Marckwick


Price: Paperback £9.95, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-1-9161066-5-9 

The latest literary offering by celebrated and well-known Palmist, Gary Markwick.

The book is a collaborative effort, co-written with long-time friend and associate of Gary s – Isabella du Lac, an experienced and well-respected Tarot reader. The authors uniquely blend Palmistry with Tarot, in an innovative way, never before attempted. Each Tarot card is described, and then its meaning is revealed and interpreted by Isabella. At the same time, Gary gives his explanation of this particular card and interprets it in an esoteric and practical way.

Author Gary Markwick is an international professional Palmist and Psychic who has been using his talent for the last twenty years. In addition, Gary is a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Teacher and spiritual healer. He is also a qualified clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Past life Regressionist and a trainer in the law of attraction.

Gary has also written Now it Begins and Adventures of the Great Marlo and the Blue Pearl. In his capacity as a talented singer-songwriter, Gary has performed at venues including, the Glastonbury festival, live on radio and had singles released in the past.

Lockdown Family Cooking: Simple Recipes for the Whole Family to Create in Homage to the NHS by Martin Harrington

Lockdown Family Cooking: Simple Recipes for the Whole Family to Create in Homage to the NHS by Martin Harrington


Price – Paperback £6.99, Kindle £3.99

ISBN – 978-1-8380464-9-1

I am a chef at a large primary school in Manchester where the children all call me Chef Martin.

I have created this book so that families can cook together during lockdown to enjoy some tasty recipes and to bring some classic school meals home and some additional treats.

With all the hard work being carried out by health professionals to keep us as healthy as possible during this difficult time, I thought it would be worthwhile trying to raise a little money for our wonderful NHS.

I hope you enjoy the recipes. They are designed to be really simple to make, use things we often have in our cupboards, to avoid additional shop visits, and are relatively cheap.

The composting and growing section has some fun ideas for using your garden to aid your cooking and growing your own veg.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Chef Martin

How to Move Forward When the Unthinkable Happens: Love, Light and Liora by Lauren Rosenburg

How to Move Forward When the Unthinkable Happens: Love, Light and Liora by Lauren Rosenburg


Price – Paperback £9.99, Kindle £3.99

ISBN – 978-1-9163789-8-8

Whether you are trying to cope with the unthinkable or simply want more from life, this inspiring book will show you how to move forward and achieve more.

When Lauren’s daughter, Liora died unexpectedly at just twenty-years-of age, she was devastated. Inspired by Liora’s legacy of having achieved so much and encouraged by the 15,000-strong Facebook group that has supported her and her family, Lauren felt compelled to share their story and the tools and techniques that have helped them move forward following Liora’s passing.

Her wish is that this book will also help you to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Inside you will discover Liora’s inspiring story and find out how to use positive mindset techniques and energy tools to enhance your life. Through exercises and activities, you will understand more about yourself, what you want from life and how you can achieve it through consistent action. Lauren Rosenberg is an Energist, International Fear and Phobia Relief Expert, Holistic Therapist, Speaker and Trainer. She uses her skills to help her clients overcome fear and lead more joyful lives.

Holistic Wellbeing by Purvi Laxman

Holistic Wellbeing by Purvi Laxman


Price: Paperback £5.99

ISBN: 978-1-9163097-3-9

Concern for the wellbeing of children is receiving considerable emphasis today. Parents are constantly searching for what is best for their children’s future. Holistic wellbeing is a mirror to show simple techniques that can help them to develop concentration and self-confidence in their offspring from a very young age. It is a philosophy for living a life with wisdom.

Awake your inner consciousness through meditation: the energy that makes you alive, the true nature of yourself, that is nothing more than the pure consciousness residing inside you which is beyond the normal senses and intellect.

Creative Starts, Creative Sparks by Marvin Shaw

Creative Starts, Creative Sparks by Marvin Shaw


Price: Paperback £12.98

ISBN: 978-1-9162285-4-2

We are all born with a creative soul.

Yet often in our lives we experience blocks that prevent our creativity from flourishing.

In this ground-breaking and enlightening book, we learn to recognize our ‘creative blocks’ and discover how to transform them into tools that facilitate us producing our creative masterpiece!

PATHH – Positive Attitude to Holistic Health by Barbara Chrisp

PATHH – Positive Attitude to Holistic Health by Barbara Chrisp


Price: Paperback £8.95

ISBN: 978-1-9161066-7-3

This book uses yogic philosophy and practice to first understand, then to heal the heart, mind and the body.

This ancient guidance is as relevant today as it was 4,000 years ago as it provides guidance on how to thrive in life. This philosophy supports a more relaxed, purposeful and grounded life. You will feel naturally well.

When you have ease in the body, you have less dis-ease – ill health physically, mentally or emotionally.

PATHH gives you understanding of the natural rhythm within your body and mind and the reactions to the strains of modern living. It offers support on positive, conscious decision making to gently find your way back to feeling like you again. The real you. The best you.

This book is based on a program of the same name, run by the author, which has helped many people back to natural health and the confidence to take control and responsibility for their life journey and happiness. You too can take back your power to move forward and experience life as you were meant to do.

Enjoy your PATHH, embrace your purpose, love yourself and your life. This purchase is the first step and I wish you well on your journey forward.

Author Barbara Chrisp began practicing yoga over twenty years ago during a very difficult time in her life. Work was very stressful in the banking sector with business targets of over £10million per month.

She was a single parent of a two-year old, working long hours when her mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Life became a blur. She took up a yoga class to give her a little me time, to feel normal and calm again for just an hour or two per week.However, over the next ten years, it became her lifeline and gave her strength to continue each day. She learnt how to control her emotional swings and used yogic philosophy to ground and then strengthen her resolve and focus.

After a ten-year battle, her mum passed away and she decided to change that painful life lesson into a positive and began training as a yoga teacher to help others who were struggling with life, as she had. Barbara Chrisp has been teaching since 2011 and offers support and guidance through yoga classes, workshops and retreats within her local community in East Durham. You can find her on Facebook at Sensesyoga.

The Paradise Scheme by Anne Attias

The Paradise Scheme by Anne Attias

Price: Paperback £8.95, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-1-9996623-0-1

In Margaret Thatcher’s Britain, life was revolving at a fast pace. Socialist policies were being replaced by an attitude which said, ‘as long as I am okay; to be upwardly mobile was the aim.

Modern technologies were constantly being updated. Food scares prevailed constantly from eggs to coffee. It was difficult to know what was good or unacceptable. Men were competitive especially in trading markets. Women were supposed to work out to look like Jane Fonda and climb the glass ceiling career ladder whilst running and maintaining homes and families. Stress levels were rising as more was expected from people than in any previous generation. Labour saving devices and gadgets did not seem to save time, just create more clutter. Time was tight in all spheres and life hurtled from one deadline to the next target.

As green environmental issues were gaining in popularity, a wealthy benefactor bought a remote uninhabited island and raised funds to see if there was a better, alternative lifestyle. Candidates would be chosen according to their skills and life experience instead of qualifications. Money would not be used, there would be ample provisions, shelter and privacy for all.

This story traces the path of three successful candidates all seeking something different, each hoping that life can be more meaningful. Can it? Will it? Will their dreams come true? Will they get what they want? Will they still want it? Will they lose what they had? Can anybody have it all? Follow their trails and see if they can manage to live happily ever after or if there is a sting in the tail.

Hi everybody, my name is Anne Attias, thanks for tuning in. I have always written mainly media reports as I began my career as a trainee reporter for the local paper. In 1986 I wrote my first script for The Paradise Scheme, about a group of people seeking an alternative lifestyle to escape the Rat Race. Once typed out this was put in a brown folder at the back of my wardrobe where it remained until 2018, when it was published by i2i Publishing and was well received.

This encouraged me to write some more so I wrote a short story called Lifetimes following the dramatic changes that took place from the 1950s to date including: decimalisation, first man on the moon, supermarkets, colour tv, the swinging sixties, regeneration of inner cities, all seen through the life of a modern emancipated woman.

My latest published book is called Allbrite which is the name of a small town in Montana, USA. It follows three generations of the O’Brien family, dealing with the triumphs and traumas of a contemporary family. I try to keep fit, go to art classes, enjoy my lovely grandchildren and make the most of life. Thank you for dropping in, all the best.

From the Pulpit: Home & Abroad by Peter Morrell

From the Pulpit: Home & Abroad by Peter Morrell


Price: Paperback £9.95


From the Pulpit is a selection of sermons preached by Peter in England and Spain between The Second Sunday before Lent in 2012 and the Seventh Sunday of Easter in 2017.

Peter Morrell was born just before D-Day. After school and university, where he read French, he qualified, first as a solicitor, and then as a barrister. He practised at the Bar until 1992, when he was appointed a circuit judge, trying criminal and civil cases in London and the East Midlands. Peter retired from the Circuit Bench in 2009 but continued to preside over Mental Health Tribunals until 2014.

Peter has been an observant Christian since childhood and, in 2008 in the Diocese of Peterborough, he was ordained deacon of the Church of England and priest a year later. He currently ministers in the Watersmete Benefice, a collection of country parishes near his home in East Northamptonshire, where he has lived for the past forty-five years; and to the Anglican English-speaking community in the Costa Blanca Chaplaincy, Spain, where he and his wife, Mary, own a house.

Peter is the author of a trilogy of novels. The first two were published in 2015; The Rector of Pepynbridge and The Islamist of Pepynbridge; and the third, The Honourable Member for Pepynbridge, in 2016. Set in Pepynbridge, a fictional village in Northamptonshire, the trilogy deals with challenging and contemporary social issues and draws upon Peter’s professional experiences as barrister, judge and clergyman and his knowledge and love of rural life.

Peter and Mary married in 1970. They have two grown-up daughters and a granddaughter.

I’m Not a Celebrity, I am a Muslim: One Woman’s Journey to a World of Faith by Saheera Patel

I’m Not a Celebrity, I am a Muslim: One Woman’s Journey to a World of Faith by Saheera Patel

Price: Paperback £9.95

ISBN: 978-0-9929955-7-7

There are many stories waiting to be told, but it seems that in our financially motivated environment, the only way your story can reach a wider audience is if you are a celebrity! At least, this was one of the responses the author received when she sent her autobiography off to yet another publisher. And it was this response that inspired the title of her book.

She has a real story to tell, a story that she hopes will contribute to breaking preconceptions of a faith that to her, exudes peace and love.  The spirit of the book is to shed some positive light on Islam, but despite this, there is no political agenda.  Sahera Patel has simply written about the reality of being a Female British Muslim in a modern society.

Her work is a voyeuristic journey. It takes the reader through the stages of the life of a Muslim that many will have only heard about in passing. It reveals real life tales; her parent’s arranged marriage, agreed through a window, and her own which was only agreed after she met with countless potential candidates.

Her story has been told with positivity, emphasizing the true nature of faith.

This book gives its reader an opportunity to take a journey that will educate, inspire and perhaps, change the heart forever.

Over the last sixty years immigration has changed the UK significantly. This book allows you to see life through the eyes of one relatively ordinary British Muslim of Indian origin. Reading how she went about husband hunting through the arranged marriage system should dispel many myths and I particularly recommend her experiences of Hajj. I found the book very easy to read and always wanted to know what happened on the next page.

Mohammed Amin, Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum and Co-Chair of the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester.

Now It Begins by Gary Markwick

Now It Begins by Gary Markwick


Price: Paperback £9.95, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-0-9567668-8-5

Gary Markwick has used his incredible insight and experience of the human psyche to provide us with an antidote to the stresses and tensions that beset our lives today.

Now it Begins at its heart, has the simple assertion that once you can let go of illusion and draw upon a deeper, universal source of motivation, then you will reconnect with your true purpose on earth.

The book is illustrated throughout with ancient learning and stories that gently bring home the important points being made.

Now it Begins will consistently inspire and encourage people on their exciting journey to freedom and fulfilment.

There has probably never been a time when a book like this has been so necessary and the reader will find both comfort and inspiration among its pages. It is now time to stop serving the illusion and see the reality. It is your awakening, So … NOW IT BEGINS.

Author Gary Markwick is an international professional Palmist and Psychic who has been using his talent for the last twenty years. In addition, Gary is a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Teacher and spiritual healer. He is also a qualified clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Past life Regressionist and a trainer in the law of attraction.

Gary has also written Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot and Adventures of the Great Marlo and the Blue Pearl. In his capacity as a talented singer-songwriter, Gary has performed at venues including, the Glastonbury festival, live on radio and had singles released in the past.