London Book Fair 2019

Author: Hugh Roberts

Calling all i2i authors, readers and followers of the i2i website!
It is London Book Fair this week at Olympia from Tuesday 12 March to Thursday the 14th.
You could never be bored touring this huge literary event but if in need of a friendly chat and possibly a welcome sit down (no guarantees as to numbers of chairs available!) do visit the Society of Authors (SoA) stand. I have no clue yet where it will be in the Olympia complex, but a site map available on entry and some Girl Guide or Boy Scout resourcefulness should help you locate us.

Having joined the Management Committee of SoA at the turn of the year, I volunteered to help on the stand during the first afternoon – Tuesday the 12th. I hope to see you there and share some of the trials, tribulations and joys of being a book author in the modern digitally dominated age!

Hugh Roberts
Author of i2i published ‘Journeys with Open Eyes; Seeking Empathy with Strangers’ and
‘An Urban Profile of the Middle East’ published by Croon Helm/ Routledge in 1979 and 2016