Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally by Marie Minani

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally by Marie Minani

Price: £8.95

ISBN: 9781914933509

This is both an important and an unusual book.

It is important because not only is there an increasing number of people developing Type 2 Diabetes but also there is a large hidden population undiagnosed with the disease which increases the risk of developing other chronic diseases.

It is unusual in that, unlike many books about medical conditions and dietary changes, this book is refreshingly relaxed, non-judgemental, easy to read, and above all concise.

The recommendations in the book are a combination of not just many years of professional academic research but also of personal experiences. The latter involved reversing and reducing both pre- and existing Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed at relatively young ages by both the author and her sister respectively.

Marie does not insist on a long list of required lifestyle changes but rather invites her audience to pick just a few of those she recommends. Providing they become constant, relatively small changes in diet and short periods of exercise can be sufficient to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Fundamentally, these involve consuming low-carbohydrate foods and reducing stress by doing simple exercises. Clearly and concisely, the author lists ingredients and recipes designed to make food ‘more efficient’.

This, the author insists, is a short ‘Guidebook….to a heathier and happier.