New review of The Rainbow Kangaroo Family by Linda Wilkilson

The Rainbow Kangaroo Family is a children’s book written by Author Linda Wilkilson.

The story plot is about The Rainbow Kangaroo Family who live in Australia. This is their first story, and in the future, they will go on many other adventures across the world. Each character is based upon a member of my family.

With a total of 28 pages, The Rainbow Kangaroo Family story has been told to my grandchildren with great excitement and an awakening of their imagination whilst driving through the outback of Australia.

I really enjoyed this book as my imagination literally ran wild, and most of all this book’s bright and colourful illustrations really impressed me.  I recommend this book as it’s a must for any children’s bookcase.

Personally, I think that this book – The Rainbow Kangaroo Family has a lot going for it, decent story plot and generally a very good fun read.