The Slightly Different Quiz Book by Stephen Pearlman

The Slightly Different Quiz Book by Stephen Pearlman


Price: Paperback £7.99, Kindle £3.99

ISBN: 978-1-8382223-8-3

This book contains eighty of the best ‘novelty’ rounds that the author has compiled since becoming a quizmaster in 1987.

Whilst most quiz books have standard topic rounds of geography, history, TV, sport etc plus general knowledge rounds, what makes this book slightly different is the theme that each round is based on. That theme could be a particular letter, a hidden word, a certain pattern, anagrams, palindromes, length of answer, even dodgy jokes!

This book is being published in a uniquely different and difficult year for almost everyone, a year in which quizzing has become even more popular, so I hope that it proves to be a useful tool for people’s well-being.

Author Steven Pearlman is a retired teacher with over forty years teaching experience. He continues to teach privately and, since retirement, has set up his own gardening business.

He has been a poet for some fifty years, bringing out an anthology of his own humorous verse in 2014.

Steven has been a quizmaster for over thirty years and as a passionate games inventor, designed a popular (amongst family and friends) quizzy board game which, like his children’s sci-fi novel, has yet to be published!

He is also an enthusiastic guitar and harmonica player, photographer, Manchester United supporter and curry eater. Steven has a great interest in humour in all its forms (inherited from his dear late father), has done some stand-up comedy, created a number of comedy characters and is working on a book of his own puns.

Diabolical Pairs: A Book of Puzzles which are Devilishly Teasing – Compiled by David John

Diabolical Pairs: A Book of Puzzles which are Devilishly Teasing – Compiled by David John


Price: Paperback £6.99

ISBN: 978-1-8382223-3-8

I have always been fascinated and amused by the way words sound and came to realise that puzzles could be created using pairs of words to make another word or phrase. For example, ‘Goat’ and ‘Appeases’ is like ‘Go to pieces’; ‘Hissed’ and ‘Oracle’ is like ‘Historical’; ‘Totally’ and ‘Clips’ is like ‘Total eclipse’.

Each puzzle in this book has twenty clues. To answer them you have to pair up words from the forty-one given words marked “All the answers”. One of these words is a rogue word and doesn’t figure in any of the answers to the clues. Each puzzle also has an example at the start whose “answer” words are from the word list but are not used together in answering the clues below it.

As you will discover some of the answers are diabolical pairings and may well cause you to groan on realising the pun. That is all part of the enjoyment which I hope you will experience from solving the clues. Tick or cross off the words in the list as you use them but remember you might have used them incorrectly. Each word is only used once. Answer lists are given as a last resort and the rogue word in each puzzle is identified. These are on the reverse of each quiz. Have fun!

Author David John was born in Atherton, Greater Manchester in 1939 and educated at Leigh Grammar School. He studied theology at Hartley Victoria College, Education at Matlock College, Computers in Education at Leeds University and gained his MA at York University.

After spending four years as a Methodist minister in East Anglia and Derbyshire he was invited to specialise in education which occupied him for the next twenty-five years.

He was awarded the MBE in 2001 for twenty years work teaching sighted people to become Braille transcribers in Evening Classes in Pontefract where he founded Braille Guild, a registered charity which provides Braille copies of printed books.

He taught World Religions in Stamore and then in Knottingley before gaining a degree in Computer Studies which brought a change of subject in his career. He retired from teaching computer literacy in 1997. His hobbies included reading, puzzles, magic and illusions, acting in AmDram groups and sixty-three years playing church organs until his sight failed. He is now Vice-Chairman of Moulton Players in Northampton where he is frequently on stage acting in various roles.

Quiz Linx: The Quizzers’ Quiz Book by Ian Greensill

Quiz Linx: The Quizzers’ Quiz Book by Ian Greensill


Price: Paperback £8.95

ISBN: 978-1-9162285-5-9

Quiz Linx is subtitled ‘The Quizzers’ Quiz Book’ for good reason:

  • 100 Themed Quizzes with over 2,000 Questions plus over 2,000 Bonus Facts
  • 60 ‘Guess the Link’ Quizzes and 40 Themed Quizzes, including Jumbo Quizzes with up to 60 questions
  • Easy, Medium and Hard questions on all subjects: e.g. Music, History, Sport & Games, Places, TV, Art & Literature, Films, Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Science & Medicine etc.


There is something in this book for anyone interested in quizzes, regardless of how much you know. Whether you regularly attend a pub quiz, simply enjoy watching TV quiz shows or even if you are a seasoned quiz pro, there are quizzes and questions for everyone.


The sixty ‘guess the link’ quizzes have either ten or twenty questions in each quiz and the 40 themed quizzes have up to sixty questions per quiz, plus uniquely, every answer contains an interesting bonus fact. The links should also help you to answer any questions that are a bit more challenging or where you simply can’t remember!


Quiz Linx can certainly be enjoyed by anyone simply wanting to test themselves or to brush up on their general knowledge. However, if you can get a couple of teams together at a party or at Christmastime, for example, then there is plenty of material to test that grey matter and to get those competitive juices flowing.


Happy quizzing!


‘There is something for everyone in these pages, whether you’re a quiz novice or an ardent quizzer’ – Jenny Ryan – ‘The Vixen’ from ITV’s The Chase.