Author: Oksana Verpakhovskaya

We have received some wonderful reviews for The Rose of September. We have picked out some of our favourites for you below.

Author:  Hon. Prof. DDr. Karl F. Stifter

Dear Oksana,
I received your book and would like to tell you, that it is really a very heartmoving masterpeace!
Thank you and congratulation! May it become a worldwide bestseller…
Karl Stifter


Author: Dr. Juan Luis Fernandez Morrera

I never thought I was going to enjoy reading a books like this one… Surprised! I am grateful for this present… A very interesting point of view of others life…


Author: Huub Bartman

Reading The Rose of September was for me an exceptional experience. Most literature in Western countries contains stories with a rather realistic, perhaps somewhat cynical, content . Generally, we call such stories as told in The Rose of September, a bit naive. But by reading the book I was more and more touched by the open mind of the stories. They are all based on real experiences of Oksana Verpakhovskaya. The Ukrainian world is totally different from that of Western countries. An unrelenting threat of war; great socio-economic uncertainty in daily life; corruption in a malfunctioning government apparatus. Faith therefore occupies a much larger place in the consciousness of the people than in our world. Signs of hope and desire for a better future are daily living conditions for the people in Ukraine. Of course, this also applies to people in the West, but the much greater prosperity and safety of everyday life of the people in the West often deprives them of the view of and the awareness of these simple, for everyone fundamental conditions of life. In her book The Rose of September Oksana Verpakhovskaya succeeds in bridging the feelings of the people in Ukraine and the West. You should of course have an open mind for the message.


Author: Gerrit Groeneboer
Oksana Verpakhovskaya is a practicing obstetrician–gynaecologist. She is the author of a very charming book “The Rose of September. This is in fact the title of one of the eleven stories in the book. The blossoming of the special September-rose is symbol for the happy youth of Oksana herself, but also symbol for the hope and happy endings in all eleven stories and, as I read it, of the happyness of family-life of herself and of the women she meets in her (professional) life.
It is a miracle that Oksana, in the midst of plenty usual problems of the Oekrain life, always keeps her faith and hope. In all the real-life stories Oksana is involved herself. She meets lot of women with terrible problems or disseases, but never she loses her hope on a better life for all of them. It is hopefull for everyone who needs more luck in life, to see that things can change for better. So it is helpfull for everybody who’s health, familylife or own life is in crisis. That is, I think, the greatest merit of the author of The Rose of September, Oksana Verpakhovskaya. She tells us that once, suddenly, perhaps unexpected, the Rose will be blooming.


Author: Kateryna Moskalenko

Happiness does exist
It is so easy to be lost in our time with high speed and simplified communication. It is easy to become a part of everything else and to be dissolved in loneliness.
Every person wishes to be accepted and to feel her uniqueness through someone.
Hope and faith in happy turns of destiny, even when earth is burning underneath, are reborn with new force after reading true stories of Oksana Verpakhovskaya ‘The Rose of September’.
The characters of stories are perceived as real people and their figures resemble close relatives whom you live your life with and do not want to say goodbye to. One would really wish to return to these heroes again!


Author: Volodymyr Zherebetskyi

It was amazing to read this book. The Rose of September by Oksana Verpakhovskaya tells us how we all are influenced by love, faith and trust to loved ones. For instance, when reading the first novel you can feel the whole bouquet of emotions when the character of Yulya sets aside severities due to the birth of her son. She is influenced and changed by the birth. Yulya understands that her son is the only one she can count on so she has to raise him in a right way. This is just a short retelling of the first novel but when reading the book you can feel deep and true emotions, you can live stories described and this is great. You understand the significance of the Doctor in our lives as well. I really enjoyed reading The Rose of September and can recommend this book to everyone!


Author: Bartek Przyborowski

The Rose of September is a collection of touching stories that reflect the complixity of life. This book is an example that life itself provides the most incredible scenarios which the talented author was able to describe in a beautiful manner. I highly recommend it !


Author: Kateryna Zviagina

True stories ‘The Rose of September’ written by Oksana Verpakhovskaya will take you breath away. When you read such books, you understand that there is light in this wonderful but so complicated world. This book is so powerful, inspiring and touching…Everyone will find himself or herself re-assessing the characters of the book. We are a part of everything that we have read. Just do not hesitate and be the part of this overwhelming book. I do recommend this book to anyone without any doubt.


Author: Oleksandra Bilyk

I had a great pleasure reading collection of stories “Rose of September” written by Oksana Verpakhovskaya. At the beginning they seemed like stories by modern American female writers but as I went on I realized they were closer to O’Henry. The author is extremely positive person and she sees good in everyone that surrounds her: in her colleges, patients, friends and even random people she meets. And it all charms and charges with positive feelings and love for life.


Author: Oksana Boiko

My daughter advised me to read this book and once I had started I was completely dissolved in these short warm stories. As a person who in recent past needed to see doctors very often and three times a week had been going through painful treatment I really envied the author’s patients, they got really good doctor! I admired these warmth and love with which author was telling about her patients and friends. This is a kind of tradition that good doctors become good writers. Oksana Verpakhovska has just added her name to a good company consisting of Mykola Amosov, Mykhailo Bulgakov, Anton Chekhov, Arthur Conan Doyle, Vitaliy Korotych, Fransois Rable, Yuri Shcherbak, Albert Schweizer and many others. Congratulations Oksana Verpakhovskaya on such a great achievement!