A E Taylor’s, McQueen Private Investigator ‘Envouter’ is the first volume in a gripping series that chronicles the life and adventures of McQueen – a former Paratrooper and SAS soldier who travels the world fighting the most intense of crimes. McQueen finds himself waging a one - man war, with only weapons being his sharp tenacity, martial art and unarmed combat skills and an unstoppable thirst for justice.

While most authors use their first novel to do nothing but simply test the literary waters. A E Taylor is quickly proving that a debut release is an opportunity to rival a genre’s bestsellers. Taylor has stormed the adventure, action, and crime worlds with gusto, through the release of ‘Envouter’

Don’t expect convention or an easy ride; protagonist McQueen is used to a rough tide and won’t stop at anything in his pursuit to end both local and international crime.

Envouter is a furious and fast paced adventure that takes the reader on a journey through many levels of corruption. It details how one man brings crime to its knees with cunning, intelligence, and unarmed combat and martial art skills.

McQueen is a man with a tough past; he has overcome the most difficult of backgrounds with a determination that makes him the bane of modern criminals. Trained as a Shaolin Monk in China, then a career in 3 PARA and the SAS before becoming a Private Investigator.

Fasten your seat belt for the ride.     

Price - £8.95

IBSN - 978-1-8382744-4-3

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In this gripping, fictional piece, an educated health professional falls out of a long-term relationship only to dive into another. 

It starts in an inauspicious way, but to help him forget the past, his decisions become imprudent. 

Paul is a pharmacist with a co-dependency issue, and instead of taking time to heal after a break-up, decides to find companionship online.

He also attempts to make some illicit extra money by manufacturing fentanyl in his new home. He thinks he is making sound decisions, when in fact, he is only attempting to erase the memory of his lost love by acting rashly.

Then there is the question of who is using who, as Lucy, his online partner, has motives of her own, which may or may not include the life of Paul.

Follow this harrowing story to the end and see how one bad decision turns into either an empire or a disaster, and who comes out on top.

Price - £9.95

IBSN - 978-1-8380464-8-4

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‘I'll Be Barabbas Next Time’ is a story about two young men growing up in the East End of London in the late 1960's and early 70's. Liam McNally and Michael Bennett appear to be at different ends of a spectrum that encompasses many highs and almost as many pitfalls as two young lives could encounter. The overriding beacon that shines through is the eternal friendship that exists between them. Although Liam is primarily the stronger of the two  on the surface, as events materialise, their obvious dependence on each other manifests itself in ways hardly mundane or run of the mill. Their experiences cascade, intertwined indelibly through a mutual respect, hard to define, but nonetheless obvious. To say that the narrative is only about the two friends is misleading. Many other individuals, family, friends, and some not so friendly, are all integral pieces of the jigsaw.  All the events eventually come together in a climactic scenario that affects everybody. However, hope springs eternal

IBSN - 9781916378971 

Price - £8.95

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Murder by Degrees

A severed pig’s head bought from an abattoir is the prelude to a series of murders.

First comes the bludgeoning of a professor of English literature ... It seems at first to be an isolated crime. Then comes another - and another - and more.

The dons are in an unseemly panic.

The media can hardly conceal their delight.

Detective-Inspector Hooligan is baffled. Obviously the killer ‘has it in’ for professors of English literature, and is intelligent, resourceful, elusive. Furthermore, he displays intimate knowledge of the university world. But, until he is caught, his motive remains a mystery. And without knowing a motive, where do you start to look?

Dogged investigations and intuition are the quirky detective’s only weapons. And will the killer overlook some essential detail? Killers usually do ...

A murder mystery indeed - but also a comedy. Hooligan’s quest brings him into contact with many absurd dons - vain, bumbling, unethical, idle ... ‘Murder by Degrees’ might have been subtitled ‘Bloodshed With a Laugh’. 

ISBN: 9781916500198

Price: £8.95

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Maddie & the King of ParadiseMaddie finally attains her aimed-for status of 'assassin par excellence'. Her targets cease being simply ‘bad' people but rather significant figures in national and International society whose immoral intentions have been detrimental to society at large. Her first assignment appears successful until the appearance of the investigative team of Proud and Bramley who uncover the crime. Maddie and her partner Caspar Hopfner pay off the blackmailing duo and proceed to the more important ambition of eliminating an African dictator. The assassination seems to have been achieved albeit with frightening and significant results

ISBN: 9781916500136

Price: £8.95

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Eye of the DawnAs a young girl, Simone Valois, the beautiful daughter of a French diplomat, witnesses his assassination. With the onset of World War II, she is determined to avenge her father by using her principle asset, her beauty as a means of seducing enemy soldiers. She becomes a double agent and aided and abetted by a young resistance fighter, she is responsible for a number of victories in her fight against the evils of Nazism. Then with the probability of imminent capture she is forced to flee. Eventually captured and abused can she survive the war and in what kind of physical and emotional state?

ISBN: 9781999662394

Price: £8.99

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This is the long awaited sequel to THE ARBUTUS - see below

Maddie is released from jail where she has been serving time for murder. She pursues her ideas of using her macabre capabilities to fight injustice.

Not as confronting as ‘The Arbutus’, ‘Maddie Trinco’ is a melange of four stories;

the vigilante mentality of Maddie and her new partner, the property developer Caspar Hopfner; a group of friends considering hiring a hitman to pre-empt a murder that they know will be committed by one of their number, currently away in France; a garrulous ex IRA informer; and the absentee himself who is about to return to Australia.

The story examines the morality of justice and revenge, the concept of death as a result of shame and degradation and the positive influence of being ‘in love’ on ambitions fuelled by burning hatred.

ISBN: 978-1-9999129-4-9

Price: £8.95

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This is the story of a Yorkshire lad, who, aged three, was taken to live in South Africa. A rapscallion, or worse, Peter Conway came to the attention of the Johannesburg police and then, the South African Defence Force. As Peter’s scrapes escalated, he was shrewdly manipulated into serving, first the Apartheid South African Government and then, following Nelson Mandela’s assumption of the Presidency, the new masters of this achingly beautiful land. Intelligence officer, infantryman in the Bush War in Angola, Hells Angel, brothel keeper, drug smuggler and mercenary, Peter was all these and more.

In 2004, together with Simon Mann, Mark Thatcher and others, Peter participated in the Wonga Coup, the failed attempt to overthrow the Government of Equatorial Guinea.

Finally, the venality and cynicism of modern South African governance became too much and in 2012, aged forty-six, Peter abandoned the land of his dreams to live in England and write this memoir.

Thy Will be Done discloses a frighteningly violent dysfunctionality, bordering upon anarchy, both in present-day South Africa and elsewhere in that continent. It is no read for the faint-hearted, but for those interested in one of the fastest growing and yet most dangerous parts of our world, it’s a must.

ISBN: 978-1-9997646-9-2

Price: £11.95

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The gritty streets of Manchester tell no lies as school boy Vince Haze is soon to discover. Through being bullied at school for his social differences, Vince must find the courage to become his own person. Moving from Ireland was never going to be easy.   Vince’s father left Ireland in desperation for a new life, and England was the obvious choice.  Mick Haze tried desperately to keep his son from learning the truth about their family’s dark past.  Vince was troubled mentally knowing there was some secret in the past being kept carefully under wraps.

Whilst being caught up in the day to day problems of school life, Vince becomes influenced by bully boy gang leader Kane Crossling, son of Manchester’s notorious face in the underworld, Dave Crossling, aka ‘The Devil’.  Following in his father’s footsteps Kane takes Vince along for the ride from petty crime to falling deeper into the rabbit hole of criminality. The stakes grow higher as the jobs become bigger.

Will Vince’s conscience get the better of him...

ISBN: 978-1-9997156-5-6

Price £8.95

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FEAR is a powerful motivating factor in our lives. It causes people to succeed or fail, but it never allows them to stand still. We are all impacted by FEAR in some way. The question is do we run to it and face it or do we run away from it? Flight or fight, but what if the fear that assails us isn’t exactly the way we perceive it? We only know if we face our fear to find out what F-E-A-R might actually means:

False Evidence Appearing Real.

A story of fear, family and change.Could you outrun your fear? Mary is running. From her past. From her fear. To protect her son, Mary must leave the only home she knows and go where she can’t be found. As she settles into her new life, the past seems to be catching up with her. Can Mary outrun her biggest fear?  Or will it hold its grip on her forever?

ISBN: 978-1-9997646-8-5

Price: £8.95

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Maddie makes contact with a former lover, the owner of a beautiful private estate on the outskirts of Sydney, whom she had abandoned for another man six years earlier.  She appears to be welcomed back and the affair starts again. The lover has changed in her absence, developing macabre ideas about the physical manifestation of human love.  He weaves a complex story concerning his beliefs, disclosing details of several murders he has committed to further his aims. She soon discovers he harbours a strong resentment towards her earlier ‘disloyalty’, and his desire for revenge becomes frighteningly apparent.  Mental cruelty morphs into physical abuse. She must fight back to free herself.  Her efforts result in the self-realisation of some intriguing and rather frightening character traits. The outcome is the death of her lover and a surprising emotional climax.Her desire to take control of the estate motivates her to dispose of the body and embark on an elaborate cover-up. However, all is far from well for Maddie who plunges from crisis to crisis until the amazing ending of this cliff-hanger story.

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​Ashif Malik, Ash for short, born in Lahore, seventeen, intelligent, good-looking, talented cricket all-rounder and pleasant tenor, is welcomed by the residents of Pepynbridge, a quintessentially English village in Northamptonshire, when in March 2015 he moves to live there with his father, a consultant psychiatrist, his mother and his younger sister, Leela. Ash joins the Abbey choir and, playing for Pepynbridge Firsts, his prowess comes to the attention of Northamptonshire County Cricket Club.

But young Ash is not all he seems, as Leela and the more prescient in the village come to suspect. When he falls in love with Sophie Wicken, rising sixteen and daughter of a local farmer, Ash struggles to preserve his cover and events move quickly to a climax that sends shock waves far beyond Pepynbridge.

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When British Sergeant Craig Blackburn unearths two ancient scrolls, buried in the sand inside the mysterious Cave of Ibrahim, in the Iraqi desert he has had no idea of the incredible chain of events that he is setting in motion. He photographs the texts and re-buries the scrolls inside the cave.

Lionel Ross’s amazing mix of characters include members of the British and Israeli security services, an Iraqi Professor, a Southern Baptist Minister, a Jordanian Prince and an Al Qaeda group. They are all involved in a breathless race against time to discover the location of the scrolls and to keep their contents away from the world’s media.

Each, however, has very different reasons for suppressing this news.

All this takes place against the backdrop of the never-ending catalogue of tragedy in today’s Middle East.

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Lionel Ross, in his fourth novel ‘Men of Conviction’ tells the fascinating tale of three desperate and disparate young men, released from prison on the same day.  They are Hussein, the Islamist preacher of Jihad, Wayne the burglar and Dovid the religious Jew and ‘one offence fraudster.’ Men of Conviction is their story over the ensuing ten years.  

Hussein, predictably, builds a shadowy Jihadist organisation with the intention, through terrorism, of creating the Caliphate of Britannia under Shari’a law.  

Wayne is determined to change his life and almost accidently finds himself the owner of a chain of Massage Parlours. By his previous standards, this is the path to wealth and respectability!   

Dovid, on the other hand, with the aid of his wealthy grandfather, becomes a successful property developer.

The action takes place in such contrasting locations as 21st century Manchester, Istanbul, Afghanistan, Belfast and a mysterious breakaway Islamic republic.  The contemporary background to the plots ensures the airing of such issues as Islamist and Irish terrorism, religious intolerance and drug trading. The main characters are easily recognised as typical members of today’s British multi-cultural society.   As the cataclysmic ending approaches, the paths of the three main characters are destined to cross again in an epic and amazing ending.

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ISBN: 978-0-9560369-3-3