Yellow Star Red Star is the poignant memoir of Dr Agnes Kaposi, a Hungarian-born British engineer, educator, author and Holocaust survivor. Dr Agnes Kaposi FREng was born in Hungary in 1932, a year before Hitler came to power. She started ​school at the outbreak of World War II. Many of her family and friends were murdered in the Holocaust, together with half a million other Hungarian Jews, but a series of miracles and coincidences allowed her to survive. She worked as a child labourer in the agricultural and armament camps of Austria and was liberated by a rampaging Soviet Army. She struggled through post-war hardship to reenter Hungarian society, only to be caught up for a decade in the vice of Stalinism. In 1956, the Hungarian revolution offered the opportunity to escape. Entering Britain as a graduate engineer, she started a family and built a career as a researcher, educator and consultant. She was the third woman to become a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Her memoir is thoroughly researched but written with compassion and optimism, without self-pity. The tone is light and there is plenty of irony and even humour. The narrative is underscored by the historian Dr László Csősz and illustrated by maps, documents, archival images and family photographs. This book goes beyond the recollections of a survivor – it is an appeal to all of us to fight against prejudice and for human rights.


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